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Fellow photographers don’t make the mistake I made. There a lot of mistakes one can make as a photographer. Some mistakes are made in the taking of the photo. Other mistakes are made after the image is already created. There are always was to avoid making mistake, but they invariably happen at some point. It is critical to make sure mistakes do not become compounding.

In wildlife photography there are two traits that are very beneficial to ones success. A wildlife photographer often benefits from having patience. It is often necessary to sit and wait for long periods of time for your subject to happen upon your location or you may have to wait for a bird you inadvertently startled to get used to your presence and come back. It i also important to persevere. One may… Read More

Sorry that there has been such a long delay since my last post. Many things that came up that kept me away. One of which was a very good thing. I completed and submitted my first article and photography for publication in a magazine. My work will be published in a regional NY magazine, Life in the Finger Lakes. This is a magazine that I have enjoyed reading frequently so if you… Read More

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