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I always enjoy how many people gather around to watch the agility dogs show their stuff. You can see all the spectators in the background of the photo. I often shoot close up shots of the dogs during agility so I see in detail the dogs reactions to the agility course. In this photo of the Belgian Tervuren I set it up so there is a nice scenic background showing off the… Read More

Belgian Sheepdogs are beautiful dogs. Jet black fur. A long fluffy coat. Looks luxurious to pet and snuggle. I thought about cropping the photo to remove the person walking along side the dog from the image. But there is something I like about that aspect in the image. The handler walking alongside the Belgian Sheepdog combined with the fence in the background helps to provide a sense of size. The person at… Read More

Watching a dog during an obedience trial is like watching a dog put on a clinic of all the things a dog can do. One of the most interesting things to watch the dogs do is on display in this photo of a Belgian Malinois. For this objective a set of identical objects are laid in the grass. The dogs human keeps one and rubs there hands over it to put their… Read More

The Bedlington Terrier has such an interesting look when groomed for a dog show. The dogs look is reminiscent of a sheep. I don’t think I have seen another breed of dog whose look is anything like the Bedlington Terrier. With the thick fluffy white fur across most of their body then trimmed short along neck, head and ears it is quite the contrast on the body of the Bedlington Terrier. It… Read More

The Beauceron is a beautiful breed. I have not had the pleasure of seeing this breed very often. I hope to see more of the m in the future. It is really nice when there is a breed of dog that I don’t see regularly and I get to see it in both the conformation ring and out on the agility course. Seeing a breed of dog like the Beauceron in more… Read More

Bearded Collie in full extension. There are a lot of features of this photo that I really love. I love the full body profile view. Fully showing the motion of the dogs body. The Bearded Collie with their head held high. Then at the opposite end the tail is held high as well. The foreword leg fully extended at the peak of the dogs stride. The rear leg fully extended backwards. The… Read More

Beagles in a lot of ways seem like the quintessential dog. They are probably one of the most familiar dog breeds. They are a medium to small sized dog. A Beagle’s long floppy ears just scream adorable pup. When you see a Beagle you just see a dog. There is no particularly distinct feature in looking at a Beagle that draws the eye. The dog in the photograph is just happily trotting… Read More

Basset Hounds are adorably goofy looking dogs if you ask me. The Basset Hound has ears that are longer than its legs. That really does not bode well for a gracefully moving dog like I imagine. Lots of loose saggy baggy skin all over the body. Face with skin and jowls hanging loose. Feet that seem larger than a dog of that stature would require. Basset Hounds seem to lumber along with… Read More

One of my long time loves when it comes to dog breeds has been the Australian Shepherd. This is one dog breed I always dream about sharing my home with. But if it is going to happen it has to be jus tthe right time. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and highly energetic. That makes them great at doing things like agility with the proper training. Proper training, exercise, and jobs are… Read More

Australian Cattle Dogs are such cool looking dogs. They seem to have just a unique blend of characteristics. Thick medium length fur. An awesome speckled to merle coloration. But it seems to only come in two varieties that I have seen. The blue merle like color pictured below and a red color. They have pointy attentive ears. A thick rounded snout. And at the other end a pretty unique looking tail. A… Read More

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