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I love photographing waterfalls. What I love about waterfalls is the constant motion. Constant change. No two images of a waterfall are ever exactly the same. This goes double for waterfall images in the fall. I love to find a waterfall where there are leaves in the water. The leaves in motion add another irreplaceable element to an image. Leaves flowing down stream create interesting streaks in the water. They are there… Read More

Fireworks on the face of them might seem like an innocuous thing. But the more prevalent they become in our society the more they need to be considered. And they seem to be increasingly prevalent. My feelings about fireworks have really shifted over the years. As ones feeling on things may often do as life experiences and knowledge gained will often impact our thoughts on a given topic. My personal experiences and… Read More

In 2021 I did something I had never done before. I took on a challenge in my photography that would hopefully push me out of my comfort zone. I started a the year off with a 30 day photography challenge. During that time I took at least one, usually way more than one, photograph every day. And then I shared one photo taken that day here on my blog. Then after one… Read More

Watkins Glen State Park is a beautiful location. Maybe one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. The park is beautiful all around. And I am fortunate to live right nearby. The beauty of the park is almost overwhelming. There are parts of the park where the beauty is more concentrated. The beauty of the park takes on a spectacular quality. As in the beauty becomes dramatic and eye… Read More

We as people often have many things we want to do or accomplish in our lives. And just as often we have many things we simply never get around to doing. There are an infinite number of reasons and excuses why we may not get something done that we have always wanted to do. Often the most obvious reason we don’t get something done is that we haven’t prioritized it. As a… Read More

Trail running is a lot of things. It is something different for everyone. The longer we go the crazier we may seem. Maybe we are all a little crazy. And maybe that is why we can still find some fun in these crazy events.

Hills Creek Endurance Challenge 12 hour finish. I enjoy creating race photography. Seeing people out there on the course. People putting in the effort. I love that. I don’t often do finish line photos. As in I don’t just sit at the finish line and photograph every runner as they cross the finish line. It is just not my style and often doesn’t capture the whole experience of a race the way… Read More

I always enjoy how many people gather around to watch the agility dogs show their stuff. You can see all the spectators in the background of the photo. I often shoot close up shots of the dogs during agility so I see in detail the dogs reactions to the agility course. In this photo of the Belgian Tervuren I set it up so there is a nice scenic background showing off the… Read More

Belgian Sheepdogs are beautiful dogs. Jet black fur. A long fluffy coat. Looks luxurious to pet and snuggle. I thought about cropping the photo to remove the person walking along side the dog from the image. But there is something I like about that aspect in the image. The handler walking alongside the Belgian Sheepdog combined with the fence in the background helps to provide a sense of size. The person at… Read More

Watching a dog during an obedience trial is like watching a dog put on a clinic of all the things a dog can do. One of the most interesting things to watch the dogs do is on display in this photo of a Belgian Malinois. For this objective a set of identical objects are laid in the grass. The dogs human keeps one and rubs there hands over it to put their… Read More