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Bird near Cayuga Lake

My photography tends to vacillate greatly between very planned photography where I have a subject and location that I will be photographing to basically what I would call adventure photography. Adventure photography is more like I get out in nature and enjoy myself and photograph whatever strikes me creatively or inspires me. Maybe I am exploring a new place and I want to be open to all possibilities. One thing I try… Read More

I have been pretty fortunate as an artist. I have been able to have an exhibit featuring my artwork each of the past four years. I had an exhibit featuring my photography of shelter dogs at the Chemung County SPCA hosted at the Chemung County Historical Society. I had a joint exhibit with my father showcasing our wildlife art hosted by the Community Arts Of Elmira. Last year I had an exhibit… Read More

So, in case I didn’t spend enough time on my feet today I decided to go out and see if I could photograph some Spring birding action. I have been to some local spots that are normally good birding lately, not for birding or photography but for photography, and I did notice quite few birds particularly migratory birds that move through our area in early Spring and then move on to their… Read More

Today just felt like an eagle kind of day.  It has just been a good day.  Enjoyable.  So for no reason at all I am posting a nice photo of a bald eagle coming in for a landing in a tree just down the road from my house.  The photo was taken in the winter of this year.  I have not gotten many chances to photograph bald eagles yet this summer.  I… Read More

Ithaca_Jun102009_0149, originally uploaded by KRNaturalPhoto. This photo of a common merganser was taken at a stream near where I worked in Ithaca, NY. I was out for a walk on my lunch and spotted her. While I was watching her she got up off the rock she was sitting on and jumped into the water. I was fortunate enough to capture this image.

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