One Photo A Day | Day 66 | Into The Frozen Gorge

One photo a day challenge: Day 66.

Today I spent the morning out on some trails with friends. We hiked at Watkins Glen State Park. The park is most well known for all of its waterfalls along the gorge trail. But this time of year the gorge trail is closed. We spent our time hiking the upper rim trails.

Even those trails were quite icy. Make sure you wear proper footwear. I had my trail shoes on with my Exospikes on as well. Those provided adequate footing.

I don’t hike the upper rim trails very often. I usually prefer the gorge trail because I love photographing the waterfalls. But especially this time of year the views from the upper rim trails are extraordinary.

It is really cool to be able to look down into the gorge. In the winter you can see the snow covered ledges and trails. There are also amazing icicle formations all along the gorge walls. This spot provided a nice view.

It is always good to visit familiar places but take different trails from time to time. Visit in different seasons. See the familiar scenes in new ways.

Watkins Glen State Park

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  1. Good capture and good for you for getting out in winter.

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