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Over the course of the last several days of my one photo a day challenge that I completed in 2021 I was waiting for a flower to bloom. I had moved my annuals from outside to inside hoping they would survive the winter. One plant in particular, a gerbera daisy, was doing quite well. It actually seemed to be thriving inside. The Gerbera daisy plant had actually developed a flower blossom. My… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 364. The other day I shared a photo of a Gerbera Daisy I was growing. The flower blossom was jus tin the beginning phases of blooming. Today I have an update to that photo as the flower continues to develop. The flower petals are starting to open up. It is possible to look in and see the yellow center of the flower now. Maybe by tomorrow… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 361. As fall and winter progressed her in upstate, New York I decided to move some of my potted perennial flowers indoor to try to preserve them for next spring. The hope was to at very least preserve the plants in a dormant state over the cold months. Then assuming they would still be alive, put them back outside in the spring for them to return… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 332. I’ve been watching as the geraniums I brought inside continue to grow through the fall. The plants have been growing flower buds. Patiently waiting for the flowers to develop enough to bloom. Finally the geranium flowers are beginning to blossom.

One photo a day challenge: Day 322. I like how this photo has one singular point of focus. That is the only area that is sharp and in focus. Everything else extending out from there is increasingly out of focus. More and more out of focus as the eye moves towards the forground. And the flower in the front of the image is so out of focus it is rendered as a… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 317. During what was mostly a rainy and gloomy day the sun peaked out for just a moment. This was my cue. Time to make the photos. I wanted to get outside and see if any of the few flowers still out there were blooming at all this deep into fall. There were still a few blossoms on one perennial. And there were also a few… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 314. Being in the midst of a one photo a day challenge I am always on the lookout for interesting photography subjects. During the time of year when this often means more indoor photography I am even more alert for subjects when I am in a store. Picking up a new item to photograph is always fun. Today at the store I saw a plant I… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 311. Accept the things we cannot control. Hopefully we all had an extra hour of sleep last night. That means that sunrise and sunset will be an hour earlier now. What that means for me is a chance to be up early and create some photography earlier in the morning. I am usually up pretty early. The late sunrise means I have to wait longer for… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 308. Continuing to explore the flower that remain blooming now that I have moved them inside. Today I wanted to focus on these teeny tiny flowers that grow on short wispy stems. These flowers grow in clumps and clusters. The fact that these individual flower blossoms are tiny will become evident. Normally when I get as close as I can to a flower with my macro… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 290. Today I went outside at night to photograph flowers. I took my Lume Cube panel mini lights out to illuminate the subjects. I decided to photograph just one plant. I chose the Strawflower. Still blooming strong even into the fall. I worked with the variety of flowers still in bloom on the plant. Trying to find different angles to view each blossom from. Photographing each… Read More

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