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So here we are again. Time for the Finger Lakes 50’s trail races. This was my 4th time running in this event. My first time going in for the 25k version since 2017. Back in 2017 the Finger Lakes 50s 25k was my first ever 25k distance. And this has been a wild and crazy ride to return back here for my second go at the 25k distance here at finger Lakes 50s…. Read More

One of my favorite activities is running. Running brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. One of the ways I keep the good time rolling with my running is by finding new things in running to do. This year I have been jumping into a lot of the things the Finger Lakes Running Club has going on. One of the cool new things happening at the Finger Lakes Running Club is… Read More

Double-Crested Cormorants are large waterfowl. The Double-Crested Cormorant is more like a loon or a merganser than a duck. When Double-Crested Cormorants are swimming on the water they have an odd look to them. They often seem to have more of their bodies under water or just at surface level. If you see a Double-Crested Cormorant swimming on the water it often looks more like a submarine periscope sticking up out of… Read More

The Common Gallinule (Common Moorhen) is a bird often found out on the water. Finding these Common Gallinule at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge has been fun. This photo does a good job showcasing the environment where the Common Gallinule live. On a pond. Behind some foliage. Out on the water with other waterfowl like ducks. I also like the way the Common Gallinule is looking down almost like it is watching its… Read More

The American Bittern is a bird that can often be found wading around the shoreline of bodies of water. For me it often seems like the American Bittern is a more reclusive and more well camouflaged shorebird than most. I only ever see them creeping around in tall foliage. I have never seen them out in the open like many other shorebirds. American Bitterns are a medium sized shorebird. Not tiny like… Read More

The Belted Kingfisher might be my favorite bird that can be found around creeks and streams. Belted Kingfishers can be found around just about any type of body of water. Usually I know they are around because I hear them before I see them. They have a distinctive call that seems to often precede them taking flight. Google their call. It is one of the easiest bird calls to learn because it… Read More

The American Coot is such an interesting bird. American Coots are a duck like bird and are often seen with ducks, but they are not ducks. The body of an American Coot is mostly dark gray colored with a black head. Then there is a narow pointy white beak. But the most interesting feature of an American Coot is their feet. It is difficult to describe. Just google it. They are pretty… Read More

Yellow Warbler. Tiny yellow bird. Bright colors. Easy to spot, but difficult to see. Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge has been one of my favorite places in the Finger Lakes region of New York to travel to for birding. Being able to see this Yellow Warbler perched atop some branches singing was so nice. Not something I have seen often. I like this view of it that depicts the Yellow Warbler singing atop… Read More

Purple Martins are cool birds. Fast and always on the move when I’ve see them. There is really only one time of year I ever see Purple Martins. Spring migration when the Purple Martins arrive back in the north is the best time for me to see them. There have been an increasing number of Purple Martin houses being put up in places in the Finger Lakes region that I visit. And… Read More

The Northern Cardinal is probably one of the more well known bird species in my area. They are known for their song and most significantly for their bright bold red color. The bright red color is great. But for me it is all about the more subtle colors of the female Northern Cardinal. I love the subtle brown color of the feathers that cover mosst of the body. The brown is set… Read More

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