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Photography has lead me to become more interested in so many things. Parts of life I never really thought about that now I have a little more knowledge of and understanding of because photography guided me there. Butterflies were never more than a passing interest for me before photography. I didn’t know much about them. I still don’t know a lot. The only butterfly I could probably identify would be a Monarch… Read More

Ponds are one of my favorite features to find in a landscape. There is so much you can do with a pond photographically. Ponds also do so much for nature, which I find interesting. We liked the idea of a pond so much that we bought a house with a pond on its property and the pond was a large part of what drew us to our current home. There is a… Read More

I always love finding new flowers to photograph. Something I have never seen before always piques my interest. Several years ago I saw these tiny little purple flowers growing along the edge of the woods where we live. I started photographing them and looking for them every year. And the flowers returned every year. Always blooming in the same little area of the woods. Never seeming to spread. I assumed these flowers… Read More

I love flowering trees. Over the years we have tried to plant a variety of flowering trees around our house. We have had varying degrees of success in this endeavor. I do not have the greenest of thumbs. And I probably do not pick the best trees and or plant them in the best part of the yard, or prepare them and care for them the way they should be before and… Read More

I really wanted to create a blog post to highlight some subjects that many people might night even think about. I feel like I can do that through my photography pretty well. However, the writing part of the blog post experience is more of a struggle. I don’t have any particular knowledge or perspective to share on the subject for this post. Stones. We see rocks and stones laying on the ground… Read More

As my interests in photography expanded one thing I became more interested in was photographing small things up close, or macro photography. One of the first types of subjects this encompassed was flowers. But, the more I looked closely at flowers the more I began to notice the insects that pollinate them. Often the pollinators are insects with wings that come and go. The insects I see most often pollinating flowers are… Read More

When we first moved into the home where we live now one of the coolest things was the tiny little pond on our property. One of the things I enjoyed the most about that little pond was that Water Lilly flowers grew there. This was one of the first times I ever photographed a Water Lilly. The photo featured here is from way back in 2007. I don’t get to photograph them… Read More

I love going out exploring and finding just a little something unexpected. When we think of flowers we often think of beautiful flower gardens. Wildflowers growing in an open field. Other wildflowers growing along the forest floor often along a path or trail. But nature is full of surprises. Plants and flowers are hardier than we expect. This Trillium flower is growing out from between the roots of a large tree that… Read More

I haven’t spent a ton of time photographing Mushrooms and other Fungi. I want to work with them as subjects more. They are very interesting to me as a part of nature and as photography subjects. The work I have done with them so far has turned out well enough. I am not sure that I am particularly satisfied with how I have been incorporating them into the style of photography I… Read More

I love Milkweed. They are critical components in our environment to support wildlife. One thing I like about Milkweed is that I feel like I can create images of those flowers that are different than the way most people see them, Milkweed flowers grow atop tall stalks. The flowers themselves grow in large clusters of smaller individual blossoms. I don’t know if many people stop to take a close up look at… Read More