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When we first moved into the home where we live now one of the coolest things was the tiny little pond on our property. One of the things I enjoyed the most about that little pond was that Water Lilly flowers grew there. This was one of the first times I ever photographed a Water Lilly. The photo featured here is from way back in 2007. I don’t get to photograph them… Read More

I love going out exploring and finding just a little something unexpected. When we think of flowers we often think of beautiful flower gardens. Wildflowers growing in an open field. Other wildflowers growing along the forest floor often along a path or trail. But nature is full of surprises. Plants and flowers are hardier than we expect. This Trillium flower is growing out from between the roots of a large tree that… Read More

I haven’t spent a ton of time photographing Mushrooms and other Fungi. I want to work with them as subjects more. They are very interesting to me as a part of nature and as photography subjects. The work I have done with them so far has turned out well enough. I am not sure that I am particularly satisfied with how I have been incorporating them into the style of photography I… Read More

I love Milkweed. They are critical components in our environment to support wildlife. One thing I like about Milkweed is that I feel like I can create images of those flowers that are different than the way most people see them, Milkweed flowers grow atop tall stalks. The flowers themselves grow in large clusters of smaller individual blossoms. I don’t know if many people stop to take a close up look at… Read More

I have enjoyed photographing Columbine flowers a variety of times over the years. The Columbine blossoms can be very interesting to photograph close up. The blossom of a Columbine protrudes from the center in multiple directions. This creates an opportunity to be really selective in ones focus. Getting in close and focusing with a shallow depth of field on one specific part of the flower creates a small slice of focus. Then… Read More

Tiny little flowers. They can be so interesting. These Bluets sometimes seem to just pop up through the ground at random. There are some areas where they push up through the ground one flower her and one flower there. Scattered in a field. Other times the Bluets appear in the landscape in little clusters as featured in this photograph. Photo details: Nikon D300. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/500… Read More

Over the years, one of the many unexpected joys I have found has been in photographing flowers. I really enjoy creating a close up images as I can. And lately I have really become fascinated with capturing images of flowers when they still have raindrops after a storm on them or are covered in the morning dew. I really like the reflections in the water. And I also think that the water… Read More

Often when I encounter wildlife it is a fleeting moment. There are few occasions when I get to sit and watch and study an animal. When I encountered this turtle it was just sitting along the bank of a pond. The painted turtle was enjoying basking in the sunlight. I was able to stand and watch. Slowly getting closer tot he painted turtle. After watching a while I was able to crouch… Read More

I’ve always been interested in snakes. Ever since I was little. I always appreciate any chance I have to photograph snakes in the wild. Snakes are a challenging subject due to the way they move through our world. They are hard to see and can be challenging to get in good position to photogrpah. I think I often find snakes to photograph on accident or by pure chance. Sometimes I show up… Read More

I love to look in all the places to find photography subjects. We made a walkway in our yard. We put down a layer of mulch. Then we covered it with large flats slate stones from the stream in our woods. So occasionally I would lift up those large walking path stones. And occasionally there would be something interesting hiding in the mulch underneath. On this occasion I found a tiny little… Read More

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