One Photo A Day | Day 61 | Shadow Selfie

One photo a day challenge: Day 61.

I am so happy that spring is getting close. It is finally the time of year, where it is still plenty light out on my commute home that I can stop and create some photos before going home.

I stopped down at the trails by Chemung River again. The warm weather had melted a good bit of the snow and I wanted to see how the landscape looked now.

It was also a different time of day and the light was very different than during my last visit. This all helps create different interesting photos upon multiple visits to the same location.

It was cold outside, but a nice quiet day to be walking down by the river listening to nature.

I meandered around the trails and trees and fields. Taking it all in. Composing photos.

Photos of trees. Photos of snowy landscapes. Photos of the river. Photos of blue skies.

Shadow Selfie.

I feel like I captured a lot of nice images. But I really like this image. It is the only image where I felt like I was truly being creative. I intentionally placed my shadow in the photo creating a shadow selfie.

The sun being low and behind me was casting my long out in front of me. Most of the time I tried to position myself so my shadow was not in the image or hidden by other shadows. But Then I had the idea for the shadow selfie. I’m sure it is not a unique idea, but it is definitely something I would not normally do in a nature photo. So new to me at least.

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