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I love to camp. My favorite places to camp are ones where the campground itself lends itself to photography. Nice scenic locations. Higley Flow State Park worked out really well for me. Most nights I walked down to the lake to photograph the sunset. I like to experiment and try to incorporate different elements into my sunset photography. I was fascinated by this large tree stump and roots along the lake shore…. Read More

As someone who loves to be outdoors there are so many different aspects of being outdoors that I enjoy. There are a lot of simple mundane things to be found in the outdoors that bring me joy. The texture of tree bark. Noticing when the wildflowers are blooming. Sitting in the shade under a tree. But often I crave something different from my outdoors experiences. I often seek some type of new… Read More

My recent trip to the Adirondacks was a making plans and then adjusting on the fly. I like to have a sense of what I want to do on a trip or I tend to feel stuck. I’ll just spend the whole time looking at my guide books and maps trying to figure out what to do and never end up doing anything at all. To avoid getting stuck I like to… Read More

The Northern Cardinal is probably one of the more well known bird species in my area. They are known for their song and most significantly for their bright bold red color. The bright red color is great. But for me it is all about the more subtle colors of the female Northern Cardinal. I love the subtle brown color of the feathers that cover mosst of the body. The brown is set… Read More

Beautiful light and a beautiful bird combine in this image. I had never seen an Evening Grosbeak until all of a sudden I saw a lot of them. I had more opportuinities to focus my phtogorapohy on a new species of bird than I almost ver get. All this right at home. NAture is always full of surprises. Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/800 sec…. Read More

Some birds are a constant if you are someone who notices birds. The American Goldfinch is one of those birds. I love the sharp side light hitting the Goldfinch. The blue sky in the background and the almost completely dark tree branches help the bird to stand out in the photos. The light side vs the dark side of the bird is interesting as well. Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 300mmf/4. Focal… Read More

Sometimes you jest get random surprises. And I love when it coincudes with animals and photogrpahy. One day we started hearing these strange bird calls we never heard before outside outr house. Then sudenly this Northern Bobwhite appeared. We didn’t know what it was at first. We had to look it up. The bird hung out at our hosue for a while. We don’t know if it was an escape from a… Read More

I think this is such a cool shot of Turkey Vultures. It isn’t very often that you have the opportunity to photograph Turkey Vultures in flight and be at eye level if not a little above their flight. I also have not had many opportunities to photograph Turkey Vultures this close and actually capture more than one bird in the frame at the same time. Letchworth State Park seems to be a… Read More

If you have never seen a spotted salamander you should really try to see one. They are phenomenal creatures. Salamanders are usually thought of as tiny little things. But these spotted salamanders are as big as your hand. I was fortunate enough to see these creatures right in my own yard. This image was created in the spring of 2009 during April. The camera body I used when creating this image was… Read More

In this image there is a tiny salamander crawling through some synthetic mulch in our yard. I found this salamander to photograph in the spring of 2017. It was during the month of April. The camera body was Nikon D300S. And the lens I used was a Nikon 60mm macro lens. The camera setting when the shutter button is pressed was ISO 640, 60mm, f/3.2, 1/125 sec. I used Lightroom for post… Read More

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