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The Gordon Setter. I have not photographed the Gordon Setter very often. I only have around 200 images in my archives of the Gordon Setter. But I still have managed to capture some images I really like. I like this image of the Gordon Setter walking towards the camera. Head up. Looking forward. Tail visible and raised high in the background. This image shows of the Gordon Setter’s fur well too. The… Read More

Golden Retriever performing obedience trials. Of all the things I see dogs do at dog shows one that seems the most amazing to me is all the different tasks they can accomplish during obedience training. I think part of why it seems so remarkable is because it seems almost unnatural for a dog. Obedience is all cognition and learning for the dog and human team. In other activities a big part of… Read More

The German Shorthair Pointer is an active and agile dog. Very fitting that they are amongst the sporting group in the AKC. I love the active aspect of a German Shorthair Pointer. I am always looking for a dog that I could run with and this is a dog I could imagine sharing the joy of running with. The look of the German Shorthair Pointer breed is also something that I really… Read More

The German Shepherd is one of the most well known breed of dogs. They are well known for the variety of skills and jobs they can perform. The German Shepherd is also a beautiful breed of dog. In this photo I like how all the dogs body points into different regions of the photo. The neck leads to the lower left corner. The ears each point to opposite corners at the top… Read More

This French Bulldog is so cute. Big ears for such a small dog. Big eyes. Big mouth. Even an overall large head for the size of the dog. In this photo I love how the ears fill the upper portion of the frame. The photo has another factor that for me lends an extra level of cuteness. The French Bulldog with their front paw lifted gives the image a sense of emotion…. Read More

The first dog I ever had as an adult was a lab type dog. Black. Short fur. Body shape and size pretty close to what many labs look like. So it was really cool to see a Flat-Coated Retriever. They look very similar to the dog I had. The main difference is that the Flat-Coated Retriever has a longer coat. The long fur gives the dog an interesting look. Especially when contrasted… Read More

Finnish Spitz are cool medium sized dogs. I love the medium length thick fur. The brown color of the fur coat is also a pleasing shade. This Finnish Spitz is having a moment of fun and joy in the show ring. Getting a little bit of bounce and exuberance in it’s motion. I love these little quirky moments. Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8. Focal length 200mm. ISO 400. 1/3200 sec…. Read More

When I first saw a Finnish Lapphund at a dog show there were only a few. I only even saw the breed at all sporadically at dog shows. They were not at the dog show every year. Now the Finnish Lapphund seems to have become much more popular in our area. At recent dog shows there have been many more of them in attendance. I have really become fascinated with this breed…. Read More

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one of several swiss mountain dog breeds. These dogs are so adorable. I am not sure if I like the Entlebucher Mountain Dog because of the similarities to my favorite breed the Bernese Mountain Dog. Both breeds of dogs have similar colors and markings in their fur. However the Entlebucher Mountain Dog has short fur. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is very similar in proportion the the Bernese… Read More

English Springer Spaniel. The English Springer Spaniel always seems to have this simple joy about them. They just seem happy go lucky. trotting across the show ring. The English Springer Spaniel looks to have a happy, joyful, open mouthed smile while in motion. Eyes closed, just feeling the moment. Not a care in the world. Photo details: Nikon D300S. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/3200 sec. f/5.6.

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