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One photo a day challenge: Day 257. Today was a very fun and interesting day of photography. I went on a short road trip with my dad to check out some photography subjects. The planned subjects for our photography were the type of subjects I generally do not shoot. It was interesting to make a plan to go out and stretch my creativity and work on some new subject matter. Our goal… Read More

I went from a place I have hardly ever been to to a place I have been to more than most. Today I visited Watkins Glen State Park. Probably my most visited location if not my most photographed. I have actually been here quite a few times this year. Probably more than normal for me. Today I wanted to make a trip to Watkins Glen State Park for a very specific reason…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 246. Today was a fun day of exploration. It simply amazes me just how much nature there is to see. I saw so many new sights. All without driving more than 2 hours from my house. Every time I daydream about escaping to some far of place I need to remind myself of all the wonders just outside my door.

One photo a day challenge: Day 245. Today I spent the whole day exploring waterfalls. And for me exploring means photographing as well. I always knew that our area was blessed with many beautiful waterfalls. However, I tended to focus mainly on waterfalls at our amazing state parks. Today I spent the day in Ithaca, NY. A place with amazing water features. I have explored the state parks there quite a lot…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 243. Today I spent the day photographing different areas along the Finger Lakes Trail. The Finger Lakes Trail is an amazing and beautiful trail here in upstate, New York. The are many places I have been fortunate enough to run on the trail. These places are so beautiful. They deserve to be photographed. I have not had as many opportunities to photograph these places as I… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 218. I went outside hoping for a nice sunset. There were a few clouds in the sky. There was some decent light. I sat in a chair and watched things develop. Trying to see the light. How the light played across the sky. Subtle shades. Subtle textures of clouds. Nothing dramatic. I captured a few images. I added a touch in post processing.

One photo a day challenge: Day 189. I had my eyes on the sky. Watching the clouds move. Shifting and changing shape. Clouds moving here and there. Letting a little bit of light through. The light at just the right angles. Stood outside in the drizzling rain. Watching color meld with clouds. Cloud cover set to glow by faint light. Then more storm clouds slowly rolled in. Smothering the soft colors. Putting… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 181. I was laying back reading a book. Then I looked up and noticed the light outside. I looked at my watch and it was about time for sunset. I craned my neck to get a better look. There might just be a photo worthy sunset outside. Sometimes nature just puts opportunities right in front of you without you having to do anything. I hadn’t really… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 174. Kind of a busy day today. But I still got my photo in. I actually couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried. Commute to work. Work at the office. Commute home. Change clothes. Go for a run. Get Groceries. Get home. Feed Dogs. Put away groceries. Eat some dinner. Somewhere in there take a photo? It actually worked out perfect. It was right… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 159. Tonight I was able to catch the very end of the light left in the sky from sunset. The foreground trees are almost completely in shadow. The night sky has just a little bit of brightness left in it just above the tree line. There is a touch of color to the sky and clouds just above the clear light above the trees. then the… Read More

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