One Photo A Day | Day 65 | Cat Toy

One photo a day challenge: Day 65.

I love photographing our pets. Most of our pets are pretty cooperative when it comes to taking photos of them. Our one cat, Monkey, however has not been as interested in being photographed.

I have never been able to get any nice photographs of her. She doesn’t seem interested in me at all. She doesn’t like to come out of whatever spots she has curled up in.

She has no interest in the camera. She is pretty much exactly what you might think of as a cat. She wants to do what she wants to do. She is going to do it on her own time. She does not care that I want to take photos.

Today, however I was able to entice her to join me on the floor to play with a cat toy. She even hung out playing with the toy long enough for me to capture a whole series of photos like this one.

Monkey and her toy.

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