One Photo A Day | Day 64 | Connect

One photo a day challenge: Day 64.

Photography is about communication. But not just the communication that is represented in the photographs you share. It is also about the communication that happens when you are creating your photographs.

It is about the people and places you interact with. The people you talk to. It is about how getting gout creating art connects us to other people and places.

Today I went down to the Chemung River to create some photographs. I met my dad there. We both walked over the bank down to the shore and created art together.

We also stood and talked. With everything going on in the midst of a global pandemic we hadn’t been in the same place to talk in person in a long time. It was nice to just be there. Enjoying nature. Hoping a bird would fly close enough for a decent photo. Trying to create art.

Don’t forget how art can bring us together. In the act of creation we can create connection. We can find ways, and reasons, and inspiration to come together.

Be safe and find someone to create art with today. Connect.

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