One Photo A Day | Day 69 | New Plant Growth

One photo a day challenge: Day 69.

I have really grown to love plants. I like planting them and trying to grow them. Plants are beautiful and they help the wildlife we live with.

This past year when it became too cold for the plants to survive outside I thought I had a plan.

I wanted to bring all of my potted plants inside and keep them growing. I had a safe space for them where it wouldn’t get too cold. Grow lights were provided for the plants.

Unfortunately, my plan did not go as I had hoped. I did not succeed in keeping the plants growing. Many of them even seemed to die.

Recently I noticed that at least a few of the plants did indeed survive. They stopped growing and went into a dormant state as a plant probably normally would over the winter.

But now, those plants that looked dead on the surface looked like they were coming back to life. There was new life emerging from underneath the dead foliage.

The plants had died back to survive the inhospitable environment I had provided. But now the plants were growing new fresh green foliage.

I attempted to photograph the new growth emerging from the dead.

New growth of Gerbera Daisy.

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