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I love a good camping trip. An opportunity to get a little outside our comfort zone. Spend a lot of time outside. Just be out in nature. This trip was a two week long trip to the Adirondacks. For the first week I was camping alone. Then for the second week my wife joined me with our puppy River. Tent Camping Our preferred method of camping is tent camping. All of our… Read More

In 2021 the Finger Lakes Running Club created the FLRC Challenge. During this time in the COVID Pandemic in person racing was still a challenge to do safely. This essentially virtual challenge was a really fun option. It looked really interesting. However, I decided not to sign up for it because I already had a lot of running on my plate planned to 2021 pandemic permitting. After seeing this challenge pop up… Read More

I am loving this race season. So many new experiences for me. And this one racks up one more. I toed the line at Lucifer’s Crossing. Lucifer’s crossing is a race put on by Red Newt Racing. I have been aware of this race for some time. One year I went and spectated and photographed the race one year because a bunch of my friends were running it. I just never really… Read More

I love to go hiking. My hikes often include a camera hanging over my shoulder. One of my favorite places to hike and take photos is at our local natural oasis, Tanglewood Nature Center. There is so much natural beauty to take in there. It is a fun place with a variety of natural scenery and wildlife to take in. I have been fortunate to see so many different things at this… Read More

I love photographing nature and I love photographing sports. The perfect marriage of that is photographing trail running. One of my favorite places to run some trails is at Tanglewood Nature Center. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph a fellow trail runner while he was working on a personal project in conjunction with the nature center. Having the opportunity to focus on a single runner as opposed to a… Read More

I love to explore new places. Especially on trails. One exploration project I have undertaken over the years has been to try and explore as much of the Finger Lakes Trail as I can. I would love to see the entire Finger Lakes Trail eventually. And that is my goal. To slowly but surely set foot on every part of the Finger Lakes Trail. I started on the trails nearest where I… Read More

Grasshoppers are a pretty common insect. There are times of the year when Grasshoppers feel ubiquitous as they spring and jump from the ground with every step you take. Often times photographing a Grasshopper requires getting lower to the ground because that is where the Grasshoppers are. But on this occasion the Grasshopper was atop the fence around our flower garden. It was cool that the Grasshopper stayed put while I was… Read More

I photographed this Dragonfly at Watkins Glen State Park. If you know anything about Watkins Glen State Park a Dragonfly is not what most people are phjotgoraphing when they are there. Watkins Glen State Park is most known for its amazing gorge filled with beautiful waterfalls. Just google it, or better yet type in my archive search and you will likely see some photos of it. This is a link to one… Read More

We most often think of butterflies like the Spicebush Swallowtail as being found on flowers. Maybe sometimes a butterfly would be found on another plant or on the ground. I thought it was interesting to find this Spicebush Swallowtail on the pavement. The asphalt background is similar in color but dissimilar in texture to the Spicebush Swallowtail. I think that makes for an interesting photo. Especially when combined with the colors on… Read More

The Monarch Butterfly might be one of the first butterflies a person would think of in our region. Monarch Butterflies are often found on flowers particularly Milkweed flowers. However, I think I have photographed Monarch Butterflies on non-flower subjects more than any other butterfly I photograph regularly. I really like how this composition turned out. This Monarch Butterfly is featured on a nice and clean background as it sits on a milkweed… Read More

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