One photo a day challenge: Day 66.

Today I spent the morning out on some trails with friends. We hiked at Watkins Glen State Park. The park is most well known for all of its waterfalls along the gorge trail. But this time of year the gorge trail is closed. We spent our time hiking the upper rim trails.

Even those trails were quite icy. Make sure you wear proper footwear. I had my trail shoes on with my Exospikes on as well. Those provided adequate footing.

I don’t hike the upper rim trails very often. I usually prefer the gorge trail because I love photographing the waterfalls. But especially this time of year the views from the upper rim trails are extraordinary.

It is really cool to be able to look down into the gorge. In the winter you can see the snow covered ledges and trails. There are also amazing icicle formations all along the gorge walls. This spot provided a nice view.

It is always good to visit familiar places but take different trails from time to time. Visit in different seasons. See the familiar scenes in new ways.

Watkins Glen State Park

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One photo a day challenge: Day 65.

I love photographing our pets. Most of our pets are pretty cooperative when it comes to taking photos of them. Our one cat, Monkey, however has not been as interested in being photographed.

I have never been able to get any nice photographs of her. She doesn’t seem interested in me at all. She doesn’t like to come out of whatever spots she has curled up in.

She has no interest in the camera. She is pretty much exactly what you might think of as a cat. She wants to do what she wants to do. She is going to do it on her own time. She does not care that I want to take photos.

Today, however I was able to entice her to join me on the floor to play with a cat toy. She even hung out playing with the toy long enough for me to capture a whole series of photos like this one.

Monkey and her toy.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 64.

Photography is about communication. But not just the communication that is represented in the photographs you share. It is also about the communication that happens when you are creating your photographs.

It is about the people and places you interact with. The people you talk to. It is about how getting gout creating art connects us to other people and places.

Today I went down to the Chemung River to create some photographs. I met my dad there. We both walked over the bank down to the shore and created art together.

We also stood and talked. With everything going on in the midst of a global pandemic we hadn’t been in the same place to talk in person in a long time. It was nice to just be there. Enjoying nature. Hoping a bird would fly close enough for a decent photo. Trying to create art.

Don’t forget how art can bring us together. In the act of creation we can create connection. We can find ways, and reasons, and inspiration to come together.

Be safe and find someone to create art with today. Connect.

Common Merganser

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One photo a day challenge: Day 63.

Something I always struggle with in my photography is the conflict between trying to photograph something new and returning to the familiar.

Should I look for new things to photograph or stick with things that I love?

There are so many things I love in life. I always want to photograph these familiar loves. I know what to expect and they bring me peace and happiness.

Then there is the potential of discovering a new love. Finding new beauty out in nature. Creating new and exciting images.

Finding the new comes with risk. It is daunting. It is a challenge.

Getting the camera out is paramount. Creating art is life. Do what gets the art created.

If photographing the familiar things you loves means you are creating art today, do it. Make that art. Find that joy today.

Colton on the floor.

I’ve shared 63 brand new photos I created each day this year. I’m planning to share over 300 more brand new photos each and every day. Do not miss out on all the fun art and discovery we can share in together on this art journey.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 62.

Today was grocery day. That means it was the perfect opportunity to acquire a new subject for todays photographs.

The store always has a nice selection of flowers. When photographing flowers indoor I prefer lighter colored flowers because that requires less light, which there typically is less of indoors.

The flowers I selected for todays photographs was a bouquet of purple carnations.

To photograph the flowers I removed four from the vase I had placed them in and laid them down on a white background.

I photographed them from a few different angles and perspectives.

I liked this image the best. It is a close up photograph of just a few petals on the carnation blossom. It shows the delicateness of the blossom. The close up view also highlights the streaking on the petals. Dark purple on a lighter purple.

Purple Carnation Close Up.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 61.

I am so happy that spring is getting close. It is finally the time of year, where it is still plenty light out on my commute home that I can stop and create some photos before going home.

I stopped down at the trails by Chemung River again. The warm weather had melted a good bit of the snow and I wanted to see how the landscape looked now.

It was also a different time of day and the light was very different than during my last visit. This all helps create different interesting photos upon multiple visits to the same location.

It was cold outside, but a nice quiet day to be walking down by the river listening to nature.

I meandered around the trails and trees and fields. Taking it all in. Composing photos.

Photos of trees. Photos of snowy landscapes. Photos of the river. Photos of blue skies.

Shadow Selfie.

I feel like I captured a lot of nice images. But I really like this image. It is the only image where I felt like I was truly being creative. I intentionally placed my shadow in the photo creating a shadow selfie.

The sun being low and behind me was casting my long out in front of me. Most of the time I tried to position myself so my shadow was not in the image or hidden by other shadows. But Then I had the idea for the shadow selfie. I’m sure it is not a unique idea, but it is definitely something I would not normally do in a nature photo. So new to me at least.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 60.

Over the weekend the weather was so nice for the winter. Today the longer the day went on the worse the weather got.

The wind was whipping. I drove through several bands of snow on my commute. The temperatures were starting to drop.

The forecast was for temps in the teens over night.

I decided to stop at the park on my way home to take some photos before it got too cold to enjoy being outside.

The wind made it feel much colder than what the temperatures indicated. Thankfully the sun was peeking through the clouds from time to time. I was able to capture moments of the sunlight hitting the trees.

In the distance I found this birch tree I really liked. I trudged through the snow over too it. Just as I was close enough to start framing it in a photograph the sun broke through the clouds. The sky became more blue than it had been.

I was bale to capture this image of the birch tree trunk with the bright blue sky, brightly illuminated clouds, and the forest in the background. Pairing that with the darker image of the tree trunk in the foreground. Tree trunk in focus everything else out of focus.

Harris Hill Park. New York.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 59.

I can’t believe that this closes out two straight months I have been doing this project now. I don’t know where this will take me but I am really enjoying the process.

Peaches, loving the light.

Sometimes you can try to make the photo happen. But sometimes the best photos happen when you just let the subject do what comes natural.

Peaches is a very friendly cat. She always wants attention. She will do almost anything I want to get that attention. So she is very easy to photograph.

But this photo is my favorite on from today. It is when she stopped paying attention to me. She turned away from me and walked over to the light I had set up for the photos.

Peaches walked up to the light and started rubbing on it as cats do.

I love how this created bright illumination on her face with a lot of dark shadow and left just a little bit of light getting past to illuminate some of her body just a bit.

I probably could not have gotten her to do that if I wanted. Nor did it occur to me to try to get her to do that.

Natural behavior creates the best photos.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 58.

Today was a day like I haven’t had many of this winter. My wife and I got out of the house and spent most of the day outside enjoying some nature. We were able to visit two of New York’s Finger Lakes.

The weather was supposed to be unseasonably warm. Thawing our region out of the deep freeze of ice and snow packed tightly across the landscape.

The hard thick ice and snow covering much of our region for most of the winter has really had me feeling stuck in the house this year.

The warm up and rapid defrost made getting out and just enjoying nature much more feasible today.

Keauka Lake State Park

We visited Keuka Lake at two different southern shores in the Hammondsport area. Then rain moved in. So we drove north west to the north end of Canandaigua Lake seeking better weather.

Up on Canandaigua Lake the weather was nicer. No rain but the wind was gusting. Eventually the sun came out and it felt warm when the wind wasn’t blasting us. Watching the ice break up along the shore was really cool.

Then we headed back south east to the northern area of Keuka Lake. We made our way down to the lakefront at Keuka Lake State Park. The sun was bright. But the wind was still blustery. Generating some nice waves along the shore.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 57.

Today I actually did one of the things I have been wanting to do much more of, but have actually done almost none of.

Today I went for a run. And on that run I carried my camera with me. During the run I stopped and took photographs and enjoyed the scenery.

I recently invested in gear I wanted to use specifically for the purpose of being able to take more photos while I was literally on the run. And today I finally made good on that intent.

I have been making use of the gear. And it has been great. But I had not been using it for the very specific reason I acquired it.

It feels so good to turn intention into action. If you have intentions that you have not yet acted on now is the time to take action. Turn those thoughts and ideas into reality.

The View From Roundtop.

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