Over the years of photography I have added a few new photography tools to my kit. Each time I add a new tool it is because it serves a specific purpose. A purpose that will hopefully be able to capture new images.

I often don’t get out to take photos as much as I would like during the colder months here in New York. So, whenever I have a chance I try to make the best of it. Recently I had an unexpected opportunity to go out and create some photography. No time to plan. Not as much time as I would like.

Falls flowing through the gorge.
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One of the biggest reasons I wanted to take on a one photo a day challenge a couple of years ago was to give myself permission to photograph things I do not usually photograph. Do things that I am not good at. Take chances. Take risks.

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I love photographing waterfalls.

What I love about waterfalls is the constant motion. Constant change.

No two images of a waterfall are ever exactly the same. This goes double for waterfall images in the fall. I love to find a waterfall where there are leaves in the water. The leaves in motion add another irreplaceable element to an image.

Leaves flowing down stream create interesting streaks in the water. They are there and then they are gone. One in a lifetime.

Then there are waterfalls that have a pool at the bottom with some leaves bobbing around in it. The motion of the water swirling the leaves creates this swirling streaky impression in the image. It is never the same again.

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I have probably written about The Corning Museum of Glass before. Probably in a very similar manner. So this may be a repetitive post for some who have seen other posts. But, I feel like this is something I want to write about even if repeatedly because it is important to me to write about other forms of art and local places I can engage with art. And I love to talk about how I engage with art, because we all engage with art differently.

First off, The Corning Museum of Glass is amazing. If you ever have a chance to go there, do it. Th museum has so many different types of exhibits and demonstrations. There is definitely something for everyone, including children and people who are not necessarily interested in the art aspect of glass.

Corning Museum of Glass.
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I love getting out for a good adventure. I am so fortunate to have friends who also enjoy an adventure. This weekend I was able to explore some new to me trails. That is the best kind of adventure.

A friend of ours got the idea for this adventure and planned it out for us. The plan was to hike approximately 15 miles point to point. We would hike the entire Interloken Trail section of the Finger Lakes Trail. Then when we reached the end of the Interloken Trail we would hike around 5 miles on the main Finger Lakes Trail back to our cars.

The hike started off bright and sunny.
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I love public art. I have gone through most of my life probably not even noticing it most of the time. But, as is often true in life I have grown and changed and come to appreciate art more and more. This includes public art displays.

In my area there has been a beautiful resurgence in public art. This resurgence has made me more aware and appreciative of all the creative forces around me. I think more about art and appreciate the art I see all around me more and more.

This metal sculpture has been present in downtown Elmira as long as I can remember.
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Fireworks on the face of them might seem like an innocuous thing. But the more prevalent they become in our society the more they need to be considered. And they seem to be increasingly prevalent.

My feelings about fireworks have really shifted over the years. As ones feeling on things may often do as life experiences and knowledge gained will often impact our thoughts on a given topic. My personal experiences and the way I think about life have changed over the years and that has impacted how I feel about fireworks.

When I was growing up fireworks were reserved almost exclusively for Fourth of July holiday celebrations and a few other very important celebrations. At least that was the presence they made in my life. And in that way they were much more innocuous and mostly invisible and much more special than they are now.

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I love fall. And I love photographing fall. Unfortunately the most spectacular aspect of fall, the one we most closely associate with fall, the changing colors of the leaves is quite fleeting. In some places it is more fleeting than others. It is hard to define a timeline. It is challenging to know when to go out and try to capture these colorful leaves in photos.

Due to the fickle nature of beautiful autumn leaves I often miss out on a lot of opportunities to create images I love most. This year I really made a concerted effort to get out and create photographs of places I love showing off their fall colors.

I made sure to go to a place I love. And a place that I never get to as much as I would like. A place that I knew would have a wide variety of opportunities to photograph different expressions of fall leaves.

I went to Letchworth State Park in New York. I photographed the fall leaves surrounding the amazing waterfalls there. I also made sure to capture the leaves clinging to the trees a little longer as they blow in the wind. I only featured a few of these images here, b. It I hope to share more in the future.

What is your favorite place to see fall leaves?

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I have developed a great fondness for birds over the years of my photography. I always enjoy seeing new and different birds. The more you spend time watching birds the opportunities to find new birds are fewer and farther in between. You’ve now seen all the obvious birds.

To find birds you haven’t seen or don’t see often you may have to look closer. Look deeper. Small birds are often overlooked or go unseen.

Blackburnian Warbler
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This year has been a particular kind of challenging for me. I like to do big adventures. I like to push my physical limits. Run all the miles. Climb all the mountains. And now even biking. But the last two years and especially this year has seen me battling small nagging injuries that have limited my ability to participate in these types of adventures.

This fun adventure to tackle some trails has been on my calendar most of the year. It has shifted and evolved over time, but I am super happy with how everything turned out. I could not have asked for more. It was really just what I needed.

The plan to hike the approximately 16 mile loop of the Green Monster Trail System in PA was falling at the end of a period of time where I had been doing zero running for over 2 months. My longest time without running in many years. I was actually a bit nervous about this adventure. Not really because of the injury I was working in PT now to recover from, but because I had not done anything this hard or adventurous since early spring and only twice in two years. And normally even when I don’t have any big efforts upcoming I am still training to at least maintain my base fitness. But I have not been doing that all year.

Green Monster Trails
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