One photo a day challenge: Day 22.

My initial plan for photography today was to use my Peak Design, Captrure Clip with my camera attached while I ran and then stop and take a few photos while I was out.

As I was getting ready to run I looked out the window and it was practically a blizard outside. I didn’t want to have my camera exposed to all the snow especially when I didn’t know for sure if I would be able to actually have a chance for good photos. So I didn’t have it on my Capture Clip as I ran.

I still ran, but sans camera essentially.

Mum. Indoors.

Sine I didn’t get to take any photos while running I decided I wanted something new to photograph at home. We had to stop at the store on our way home from work so I decided to buy some flowers to photograph. I liked this mum they had.

I decided to try and play around with my Lume Cube lights. And I tried something different with indoor flower photography. Instead of using my 60mm macro lens I used my Sony camera and 20mm lens.

I knew I would be able to get good light because the 20mm lens has an f2.8 aperture. The interesting and perhaps challenging thing would be trying to capture images I liked when I can’t get as close as with a macro lens and I have a wider field of view with the 20mm vs the 60mm lens.

But I really wanted to try something new and different. So here it is. Tell me what you think.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 21.

I had my camera with me all day today. It was cloudy and gloomy all day. I just wanted to have sunlight for a chance at a nice sunlit photo for just a few minutes. It is getting a little frustrating to never have good light for the type of photographs I would like to make.

I kept waiting for the sun to emerge from the clouds. The sun never showed itself. Before I knew it, it was night.

The sunlight was no longer a problem.

Pink Strawflower

Once it was night and I knew I would not be taking photographs outside I shifted my thinking to my indoor photography options. I decided I wanted to return to the old dried out strawflowers I have inside.

This time I wanted to try to do something different with my lighting. I placed my 2 Lume Cube Panel Minis on small tripods. Then I placed one overhead and one at the bottom of the flowerpot pointing up. The Lume Cube I placed across from the flower pot with the light pouring in from the left. Then I eventually decided to hand hold the Lume Cube close to the flowers as I photographed them.

This photo is my favorite on first pass from the bunch.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 20.

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for daily photos today.

We had some early morning snow. Then the sun peaked out just as I was planning to go outside for a walk. I made sure I grabbed my camera.

There is a nearby patch of woodlands. I headed out on the snowy trails. The goal I had in mind was to try to capture some images of the woods with the freshly fallen snow hopefully still on the trees.

Today I chose to share a photo a little different than most of the other photos I have shared. This is more of a standard wide angle nature scenery shot.

Trees and snow.

Fortunately there were some trees that had snow clinging to the bark. The texture of the snow on the trees with the soft white forest floor due to fresh snow covering the old melted snow is just what I wanted. Combine that with finally having some blue skies and clouds and it is just the type of scenic winter photo I like.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 19.

Today I went for a walk on what is a very regular route for me. I was consciously thinking about my photography as I walked. Starting to think about these trees that I pass just about every day. I always admire them.

The size and shape of them is always interesting. Large tree trunks. Tall trees. Wide ranging branches. Thorns like you’ve never seen everywhere.

I was thinking about how they would make interesting subjects for some photography.

Trees and blue sky.

When I went for a walk again later I took my camera with me and made sure to look at the trees and consider them as subjects.

Today I noticed how the sun was hitting them. It was really illuminating the colors on the tree trunk. I was admiring how they fit into the landscape.

Blue skies in the distance. Other large trees in the near background. A touch of snow at the bottom of the scene.

We haven’t had much sunlight recently. It is amazing what a little bit of light can do to inspire photography.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 18.

Today I decided to stay in our yard again for my daily photo. I wanted to explore a little deeper into the woods than I had in the last few photo sessions in our woods. For this session I walked to the back part of our property and started my exploration there.

I did not know I would enjoy using this new camera and lens combination so much.

New Camera

There are several factors I like about these new tools. It makes getting low to the ground like this shot much easier. I can focus on a subject at relatively close range for a non-macro lens. The lens is a wide angle so the photographs can be close up on the main subject but still include a good portion of surroundings. And the ability to have a wide aperture to create blur and isolate distinct parts of the images is what I really like in my images.

Woodland grounds covered in snow.

I am beginning to think that if I set my mind to the task of finding photography subjects wherever I happen to stand I can succeed in creating interesting photos there. I just need to open my eyes and open my mind.

Spending several days during this challenge photographing our woods in winter has expanded my creativity. Exploring these woods at first sight seems like a boring landscape. But when I change my expectations and assumptions about my photography I still create images that I think are very interesting.

New Idea

Today I started to think it would be interesting to do some sort of photography project where I exclusively photographed just my yard and small chunk of woods over a specific time frame. I think it would allow me to create some very different photography. This will have to roll around in my head for a while and see if the idea develops further.

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One Photo a day challenge: Week 2 Gallery.

As with any project there are always more good works than the ones we can initially share. Here is a gallery of an additional image from each day of week two of my one photo a day challenge.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 17.

I have been wanting to create some bird images. However, the weather has not really cooperated. The skies have been filled with clouds and gloom.

There has been very little light. Not enough light for me to be able to create the type of avian photography I enjoy.


Today clouds were visible moving across the sky. The clouds were so thick that they blocked out the sun. There was no direct light from the sun reaching the ground.

Multiple times during the day there would be a break in the clouds and I could see the sunlight stream into the yard. I rushed to get my camera and lens and get outside and take some photographs before the clouds obscured the the sun again. But I was too slow.

By the time I got outside I both the sunlight and the birds were gone. I did manage to get outside later while there was some light peaking through. At first the birds didn’t want to show up for me. Then the birds arrived and the sunlight quickly faded.

I did capture a few bird images, but nothing that I was particularly excited about.

Tree trunk meets snowy forest floor.

Since I wasn’t able to create the images I wanted to with the birds I went inside to try something else. I exchanged my 300mm lens for a 50mm lens. Then I headed out to the woods to look for interesting subjects.

The Woods

The snow is starting to melt, but the ground is still frozen. This is resulting in standing water.

But I was hoping the melting snow and water and visible earth would help create some interesting images with the trees and branches in the woods.

I walked around a small patch of woodlands. I turned my lens to a variety of subjects. A variety of trees. Some branches. Some alive and some dead.

I found this one tree trunk I thought had a very interesting look. I liked the combination of the half rotted or otherwise destroyed trunk on one side and the other section of the tree trunk with the moss climbing up the bark. The white snow and the green moss and all the textures are all interesting.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 16.

On a weekend I really thought I would have a good opportunity to get outside and capture more outdoors photographs. But, sometimes things don’t go as you had hoped. And you still get it done.

Went out this morning with some friends and put in a 13+ mile run, which was great. But I got home and ended up being exhausted. Didn’t get as much done the rest of the day as I would have liked. I never got around to taking photos until late at night.


But. I am committed to this project. This practice. This process.

I got out the camera and the lights and set about to create some art.

I love animals. Especially dogs and cats. Our pets always make good subjects.

Lately when I have tried to photograph our pets our cat Paisley has been avoiding me. She wasn’t particularly cooperative with my attempts at photos tonight. But I really liked how this one image turned out.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 15.

It has been really gloomy outside lately. I really want to get out and photograph some landscapes, but it has been so overcast having any nice sky in the photo will be difficult if not impossible.

So Dark

I went for a run today with my Nikon mirrorless camera clipped to my Peak Design Capture Clip on my running vest. But it was so dreary, drab, and overcast that I wasn’t going to be able to capture any nice images while out for my run.

Since I couldn’t capture any images on my run I decided to head out into the yard for photos later. I wanted to capture some close up images using my Nikon 60mm macro lens.

The sky was still completely overcast. There was hardly any light despite it not even being sunset yet. Usually low light isn’t too much of an issue with my macro lens because it has a wide aperture at f2.8 to let in a lot of light. Even so it was so dark that it was challenging to compose an image with enough light to allow for a shutter speed able to freeze motion and eliminate camera shake.

Old Oak Leaf.

The Leaf

I wanted to focus on close ups with snow in the background to contrast the subject with.

I turned my attention to the leaves on the oak tree in our front yard. They always hold on tight. The leaves often stay on the tree throughout the winter.

I liked the look of this old tattered leaf. The textures from the breaking of the leaf and the veiny lines across its surface. Focusing at close range with a wide open aperture created an effect that throws parts of the leaf out of focus while other areas are in crisp detail.

The Leaf. Curved, Bent, and Broken. Withered, Shredded, and Dead. Crisp, Curled, and Cracked.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 14.

One of the goals of this photography challenge has been to allow myself opportunities to be more creative in my photography. Creating a new photograph every single day gives me more opportunities to stretch and try new things.

When I am not creating new photography as frequently I feel pressure to “get it right”. I don’t feel free to take chances. I don’t challenge myself as much. I’m afraid to miss out on opportunities.

At the beginning of this challenge I thought being more creative meant photographing subjects that I don’t normally photograph. But I don’t photograph those things because they are not what interest me. They are not part of my art.

What I am discovering is that being creative means finding new and challenging ways to photograph the things I always photograph.

Tree trunk close up looking up to branches.

There will be a lot of trial and error. I will try new and different things. Use new and different tools, even. There will be some success, but probably more failure.

I am pushing myself to do new things with the subjects that I have always loved.

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