One photo a day challenge: Day 295.

I was looking for some fall colors.

Unfortunately the colors around my area right now are kinda drab.

It is actually hard to find bright yellow, oranges, and reds on the trees or even on the ground.

But I did find some cool bright colors.

Be open to something other than what you are looking for in photogrpahy.

It is all out there if you allow yourself to see it.

I came across this moss covered tree that has been laying on the ground for a long time.

I loved the bright colors. And the shape and texture of the tree trunk was cool as well.

There is so many interesting things to find out in the woods. Go out and explore.

Moss Covered Tree Trunk

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One photo a day challenge: Day 294.

I walked into the woods looking for something very representational of fall to photograph.

Some colorful leaves or something along those lines.

But I was also just looking for something to catch my eye.

Interesting shapes. Cool patterns. Anything that captured my attention.

I walked and let my gaze drift across the woods.

I have been fascinated with tree trunk textures lately.

Then I saw it. This large bullseye like pattern on a tree trunk.

It was such an interesting combination of pattern, color, and texture.

I had my macro lens on so I moved in close and trained my focus on the colorful pattern.

I am not certain what exactly this amazing natural feature is, perhaps some combination of lichen and moss growing on the tree trunk.

But I absolutely love it.

Lichen on tree trunk

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One photo a day challenge: Day 293.

Today I wanted to do some macro photography.

I wanted to find something with a seasonal look to photograph.

I heard something rustling off in the woods. The sound drew me out to investigate.

Never did see whatever was making all the noise.

But I was drawn into the multitude of sights along the forest floor.

I started looking for interesting leaves to photograph.

It was getting dark. I had my Lume Cube light.

This leaf was laying in the woods at just the right angle.

I set my light on the ground. The light shown through the leaf from the other side.

Perfect lighting to capture the detail in this thin slice of focus on the leaf.

Autumn Leaf

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One photo a day challenge: Day 292.

I like the challenge of taking a relatively common item and photographing it so close up that is almost become completely abstract.

Photograph an object in a way that it becomes almost unrecognizable as what it really is.

I am trying to photograph items that might seem common or boring in a way that they become interesting once again.

Trying to bring new life to objects we over look.

Look at things in a way we don’t usually. See things differently. Take different perspectives.

Once I find an image I like I then went into Lightroom and used a post processing preset that I think contributed to the item looking even more abstract.

The item I photographed was a common gourd that is often used for decorations in the fall.

Fall Gourd Macro

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One photo a day challenge: Day 291.

This time of year presents opportunities to photograph all sort of interesting things.

There are lots of nature related items that are commonly used for decorations in the fall.

I recently picked up several items to experiment with for my photography. I just never committed to do it.

That is until today.

I love the Ornamental Corn. I really like the corn cobs that have interesting colors.

I really liked this one cob where the kernels have a red and yellow mixture in one kernal.

I got in really close to focus on this one kernel that shows this feature off.

Ornamental Corn

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One photo a day challenge: Day 290.

Today I went outside at night to photograph flowers.

I took my Lume Cube panel mini lights out to illuminate the subjects.

I decided to photograph just one plant.

I chose the Strawflower. Still blooming strong even into the fall.

I worked with the variety of flowers still in bloom on the plant.

Trying to find different angles to view each blossom from.

Photographing each blossom from different distances. All close up but some closer than others.

I treid to render each flower in different combinations of shape and form and color.

Working with the light and different angles to show off certain parts of the flower.

Rendering other aspects of the plant as vague shapes and still others as just patches of color due to the very limited depth of field.

I was trying to create a different looking image that combined in focus items with out of focus items and the lighting to create an interesting combination of shape, color, and form.

Straw Flower Shapes

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I don’t run a ton of road races. But I have been running at least one road half marathon each year since I started running half marathons.

This year I ran a half marathon I have never run before. I ran the Sheshequin Path Half Marathon.

It was really nice to run a completely new road course.

A lot of runners like half marathons that are flat and fast. But for me as someone who spends a lot of time running trails, which are rarely flat, I enjoy some hills in my half marathons.

I have run races that are flat. I have run races that have hills but end up with more elevation loss than gain. And I have run road half marathons that have nice rolling hills throughout the course.

The Sheshequin Path Half was something totally different. I knew going into the race that this would be a course with significant elevation change. More elevation gain than any road half marathon I have ever run.

This race starts out relatively flat. Then there is a good climb in the beginning. Followed by an awesome descent.

That descent felt so good. I wasn’t sure how I would feel at this race, but when I got here I decided to let it all go for this downhill. Maybe a mistake at only around 3 miles into a race.

But I ran that decent about as fast as I could without taxing myself too much. I was really able to pick up some speed and catch up to some runners that I would eventually pas later on.

After the nice long descent the course flattens out for a long way. It is just about perfectly flat. I just cruised along at a pace faster than an easy pace, but not really pushing myself either. Something I knew I could maintain.

I hadn’t trained for speed all year, so I really wasn’t sure what I could sustain.

Then at about mile 10 is where it gets real. The next hill appears. And it turns out to be a real soul crusher.

It doesn’t look too bad at first. It isn’t too steep. But it just goes and goes. A longer hill than any I have ever encountered in a road half marathon.

That hill really took the wind out of my sails. I was just trying to finish at a modest pace after that.

I managed to finish at right around 2:01 for the half marathon distance. Which I was pretty please with. My goal for the race was to come in at 2:00.

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One photo a day challenge: Day 289.

My wife picked out this enormous potted mum.

It is apparently the only one that I am doing a good job keeping alive.

Not sure what I am doing wrong with the other plants but at least this one seems mostly healthy.

It is such a beautiful plant. Flowers of multiple colors.

Flower blossoms with multiple colors in one individual flower.

I just love all the different colors and shades. All the light in dark.

So much to be captured in one single close up image of these mums.


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I really just wanted to photograph some trees and water.

This nice stream and trees overhanging worked nicely.

The leaves don’t really have any nice bright fall colors yet.

But still a nice simple New York fall scene.

Stream and Trees in Autumn

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One photo a day challenge: Day 287.

You don’t have to like everything about every day.

But you should really be ready to accept the good parts of each day as they come to you.

I have spent the past 10+ years commuting 1 hour to work and 1 hour home every single day.

In the past year we have been able to work from home part time. It is the best thing I have ever experienced in a job.

I still hate the days I have to commute.

But if I was working from home today I would never have seen this beautiful sunrise this morning.

I would not have been outside early in the morning with a camera about to get in my car.

Yes, I take my camera with me on my commute.

You never know when the opportunity to stop for a photograph will arise. Best to be prepared.

I may not enjoy my commute, but I accept that it leads me to moments like this.

The day today was destined to be was better because I experienced this sunrise.

Pre Commute Sunrise

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