One Photo A Day | Day 62 | Purple Carnations

One photo a day challenge: Day 62.

Today was grocery day. That means it was the perfect opportunity to acquire a new subject for todays photographs.

The store always has a nice selection of flowers. When photographing flowers indoor I prefer lighter colored flowers because that requires less light, which there typically is less of indoors.

The flowers I selected for todays photographs was a bouquet of purple carnations.

To photograph the flowers I removed four from the vase I had placed them in and laid them down on a white background.

I photographed them from a few different angles and perspectives.

I liked this image the best. It is a close up photograph of just a few petals on the carnation blossom. It shows the delicateness of the blossom. The close up view also highlights the streaking on the petals. Dark purple on a lighter purple.

Purple Carnation Close Up.

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