My Writing 

I have always enjoyed writing. I did a lot of writing in pursuit of my educational goals. I found that I was pretty good at it. Over the years I have worked towards combining my writing with my photography.

I have had a blog previously at: krnaturalphotography.blogspot.com

This has been a combination of my photography and my writing. Some feature just photography and some were writing featuring my photos and a few have been just writing.

I eventually began to explore Medium as an outlet for my writing. My writing and photography there can be found at: https://medium.com/@krnaturalphoto

On Medium I began to explore more writing that did not feature my photography. I started writing about more topics. I now feel free to write about anything that interests me. If the topic is something that fits in with my photography then I will often incorporate my photos into the story.

Now I am sharing my writing and photography here.

I have also been fortunate to have my writing and photography published in magazines and newspapers.

No matter what I am writing about my articles are often accompanied by some of my photography.


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