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If there is any one place that I long to return to it is Alaska. There is an overwhelming amount of beauty to see there. The small slice I was able to see there over a decade ago will live with me forever. That is one of the many reasons I love photography. Create memories you can take with you and live with forever. Getting a close up look at a glacier… Read More

Worlds End State Park is a beautiful location. So many specific locations worth checking out. But it is also worth it to take the time to enjoy a simple forest scene in the park. I love the mixture of colors and subjects in this image. Greens in the foreground and background. The middle of the image is dominated by browns. Trees standing tall creating vertical lines. A small stream at the bottom… Read More

When we first moved into the home where we live now one of the coolest things was the tiny little pond on our property. One of the things I enjoyed the most about that little pond was that Water Lilly flowers grew there. This was one of the first times I ever photographed a Water Lilly. The photo featured here is from way back in 2007. I don’t get to photograph them… Read More

I love going out exploring and finding just a little something unexpected. When we think of flowers we often think of beautiful flower gardens. Wildflowers growing in an open field. Other wildflowers growing along the forest floor often along a path or trail. But nature is full of surprises. Plants and flowers are hardier than we expect. This Trillium flower is growing out from between the roots of a large tree that… Read More

I have this fascination with flowers that have not yet fully bloomed. In this image I like the contrast in texture between the outer green protective layer and the inner yellow petals. The green looks tough and spiny. The yellow Sunflower petals look soft and silky. Contrast between the light and the dark space in the photograph. Soft line son the petals. Bristly spine son the green. If you have the opportunity… Read More

I had never heard of a Strawflower until a couple of years ago. I really like them. So different than other flowers. The petals on the Strawflower are the opposite of most other flowers. Instead of being soft and delicate the petals on a strawflowers are firm and strong. Firm but not brittle. The petals hold their shape as they unfold from around the center. I love the pointy spikey shapes and… Read More

Often in my flower photography I focus on detail. More likely one specific detail. This image is different. I focused on one specific element. But that element almost completely erases detail. The focus in this image is the very tip of the closest flower petal. At a shallow depth of field this puts everything else out of focus. This image is more a study of shape and color than anything else. Photo… Read More

I haven’t spent a ton of time photographing Mushrooms and other Fungi. I want to work with them as subjects more. They are very interesting to me as a part of nature and as photography subjects. The work I have done with them so far has turned out well enough. I am not sure that I am particularly satisfied with how I have been incorporating them into the style of photography I… Read More

I have photographed Mums in different ways. My preference is to stick with the style I enjoy most. That means close up photography trying to isolate as few individual flower blossoms as possible. This can be a challenge as Mums grow in very full bunches of flower blossoms. That is probably what most people find so beautiful. The fullness of the huge cluster of flowers. So I am trying to portray the… Read More

I love Milkweed. They are critical components in our environment to support wildlife. One thing I like about Milkweed is that I feel like I can create images of those flowers that are different than the way most people see them, Milkweed flowers grow atop tall stalks. The flowers themselves grow in large clusters of smaller individual blossoms. I don’t know if many people stop to take a close up look at… Read More

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