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One photo a day challenge: Day 337. I have really become interested in astrophotography and photographing the the night sky. I went through an online video course on astrophotography and I am in the process of completing another online training course on astrophotography. So I have been wanting to go outside and play around with it and see if it is actually anything I enjoy before investing too much more time or… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 336. Lack of day light and lack of my typical subjects during the colder seasons is really forcing me to get more creative for this challenge. Today I got way outside my comfort zone. I just had some fun. I just played with the light.

One photo a day challenge: Day 335. I had an idea that for today’s photo I wanted to compose a shot where there was a subject in the foreground and I stood in the background and spun a string of lights. No idea what exactly my subject would be though. I considered going outside for the shot but that would make figuring out a foreground subject more difficult. If I stayed inside… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 334. Picked out a different piece of Christmas decoration to pair with my Christmas lights today. Black background. White board underneath. I experimented with using different configurations of lights. Moving different lights. Moving the lights in different directions. And I tried moving the lights at different speeds. Colored lights vs monochrome lights. I settled on this image as my favorite of this batch. One of my… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 333. More playtime with light. But I guess that doesn’t really say much since that is essentially what all photography is. Lets rephrase. More playtime with long exposures and moving light. Trying to figure out what to photograph today. I was looking around and saw this snowflake decoration we have. I thought I might be able to do something interesting with it. I set up my… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 332. I’ve been watching as the geraniums I brought inside continue to grow through the fall. The plants have been growing flower buds. Patiently waiting for the flowers to develop enough to bloom. Finally the geranium flowers are beginning to blossom.

One photo a day challenge: Day 331. Today I went for a hike to scout out an area for future photography. I went up to the upper portion of Watkins Glen State Park. What I’d call the roads less traveled of that park. I run on these sections of trails a lot. And there is a beautiful spot that I love. However, whenever I visit the park for photography I never make… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 330. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving yesterday. Colton here was acting like he spent the day gorging at a feast himself. All he could muster for a photo was this wink. You can even see the movement of the muscles around his eyes as he opened and closed them.

One photo a day challenge: Day 329. Trying to fuel my creativity. Playing with long exposures. Experimenting with moving light. Working with holiday themes. I think I probably created some more aesthetically pleasing photos without the moving lights, but I thought this was the perfect combination of the creativity of the moving lights and the Christmas lights that are decorating the image and lighting the scene as well.

One photo a day challenge: Day 327. Black and white photos without being in black and white. If you want to create a black and white photograph there are two basic ways to do that. Shoot in black and white. Or Do post processing on your color image to transform it into black and white. Alternatively there is the third option. Photograph your white dog against a dark background. Expose for the… Read More

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