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One of the biggest reasons I wanted to take on a one photo a day challenge a couple of years ago was to give myself permission to photograph things I do not usually photograph. Do things that I am not good at. Take chances. Take risks.

I love photographing waterfalls. What I love about waterfalls is the constant motion. Constant change. No two images of a waterfall are ever exactly the same. This goes double for waterfall images in the fall. I love to find a waterfall where there are leaves in the water. The leaves in motion add another irreplaceable element to an image. Leaves flowing down stream create interesting streaks in the water. They are there… Read More

I have probably written about The Corning Museum of Glass before. Probably in a very similar manner. So this may be a repetitive post for some who have seen other posts. But, I feel like this is something I want to write about even if repeatedly because it is important to me to write about other forms of art and local places I can engage with art. And I love to talk… Read More

I love getting out for a good adventure. I am so fortunate to have friends who also enjoy an adventure. This weekend I was able to explore some new to me trails. That is the best kind of adventure. A friend of ours got the idea for this adventure and planned it out for us. The plan was to hike approximately 15 miles point to point. We would hike the entire Interloken… Read More

I love public art. I have gone through most of my life probably not even noticing it most of the time. But, as is often true in life I have grown and changed and come to appreciate art more and more. This includes public art displays. In my area there has been a beautiful resurgence in public art. This resurgence has made me more aware and appreciative of all the creative forces… Read More

I love fall. And I love photographing fall. Unfortunately the most spectacular aspect of fall, the one we most closely associate with fall, the changing colors of the leaves is quite fleeting. In some places it is more fleeting than others. It is hard to define a timeline. It is challenging to know when to go out and try to capture these colorful leaves in photos. Due to the fickle nature of… Read More

I have developed a great fondness for birds over the years of my photography. I always enjoy seeing new and different birds. The more you spend time watching birds the opportunities to find new birds are fewer and farther in between. You’ve now seen all the obvious birds. To find birds you haven’t seen or don’t see often you may have to look closer. Look deeper. Small birds are often overlooked or… Read More

I always try to keep my annuals alive as long as possible. When the weather gets cold enough that it starts to frost sometimes over night I move the annuals around. I move all my annual flowers out to our front porch where they will be under a roof so should not get frosted.

Photography has lead me to become more interested in so many things. Parts of life I never really thought about that now I have a little more knowledge of and understanding of because photography guided me there. Butterflies were never more than a passing interest for me before photography. I didn’t know much about them. I still don’t know a lot. The only butterfly I could probably identify would be a Monarch… Read More

One of my favorite kinds of birds to watch and photograph are ducks. Ducks while all being similar come in such a wide array of shapes sizes and colors. They have different behaviors and live in different habitats. There are so many things to enjoy about ducks. I like them because they are a size that is relatively easy to spot with the naked eye. So you can find them watch them… Read More