One Photo A Day | Day 63 | Floor Berner

One photo a day challenge: Day 63.

Something I always struggle with in my photography is the conflict between trying to photograph something new and returning to the familiar.

Should I look for new things to photograph or stick with things that I love?

There are so many things I love in life. I always want to photograph these familiar loves. I know what to expect and they bring me peace and happiness.

Then there is the potential of discovering a new love. Finding new beauty out in nature. Creating new and exciting images.

Finding the new comes with risk. It is daunting. It is a challenge.

Getting the camera out is paramount. Creating art is life. Do what gets the art created.

If photographing the familiar things you loves means you are creating art today, do it. Make that art. Find that joy today.

Colton on the floor.

I’ve shared 63 brand new photos I created each day this year. I’m planning to share over 300 more brand new photos each and every day. Do not miss out on all the fun art and discovery we can share in together on this art journey.

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