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Taughannock Falls State Park is one of my favorite New York State Parks to photograph. There are a lot of different aspects of this park. It is really easy to overlook something on any given visit. Or you can commit on visit each to an area of the park. Visitor Center Don’t overlook making a stop at the visitor center at this state park. The visitor center was completely rebuilt in recent… Read More

My wife loves roses. We have tried to grow rose bushes at our house on multiple occasions. We have not been successful. We look for beautiful plants. Then we dig a hole in the ground and plant them. WE had one bush that was clinging to life for a few years. Each year it would grow one small new branch and get a tiny flower. Then that one finally fully died. I… Read More

I really like Bleeding Heart flowers. They have such an interesting shape and texture to them. Especially when you look closely at the flowers you can see more subtle shapes. There are more folds and nuance to their form than is immediately obvious. I have been trying to grow a Bleeding Heart plant at my house for some time now. The Bleeding Heart plant does return every year, but it never seems… Read More

I really love these yellow flowers. They grow wild along edges of environments. Roadsides. Fields and forests. Just about anywhere. The Bird’s-Foot Treefoil usually begin to appear in the early summer. The flowers grow low along the ground. They form this spreading vine like structure. To get macro shots of these flowers I have to get low to the ground. This image is one of the more close up views I have… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 325. Holiday décor can always make for interesting photographs. It was interesting to get up close. Try to include as many elements as possible and eliminate distractions. The glow of the light through the cut outs are the focus. The decoration on the left glows and projects a tree onto the side of the decoration on the right.

One photo a day challenge: Day 313. Today seemed like a good day to work with my fall décor some more. What are some creative ways I could photograph my fall themed items? I reviewed my recent photos to see what I had done in the past. The last thing I wanted to do was replicate something I had done recently. In trying to decide what to photograph I decided to work… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 300. More work with new photography tools today. Always fun when new photography items arrive in the mail. Today was the first run working with the V Flats World white background. These tools are going to be very useful in working with indoor photography subjects. This clean white background worked perfect to complement the browns of the desk and the oranges and yellows of the gourd…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 293. Today I wanted to do some macro photography. I wanted to find something with a seasonal look to photograph. I heard something rustling off in the woods. The sound drew me out to investigate. Never did see whatever was making all the noise. But I was drawn into the multitude of sights along the forest floor. I started looking for interesting leaves to photograph. It… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 291. This time of year presents opportunities to photograph all sort of interesting things. There are lots of nature related items that are commonly used for decorations in the fall. I recently picked up several items to experiment with for my photography. I just never committed to do it. That is until today. I love the Ornamental Corn. I really like the corn cobs that have… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 289. My wife picked out this enormous potted mum. It is apparently the only one that I am doing a good job keeping alive. Not sure what I am doing wrong with the other plants but at least this one seems mostly healthy. It is such a beautiful plant. Flowers of multiple colors. Flower blossoms with multiple colors in one individual flower. I just love all… Read More

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