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I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. If you are looking for some photography ideas around the holiday, especially if you live in the colder climates and don’t want to go outside, consider working with your holiday decorations. There are a lot of interesting and creative things you can do with decorations. What I did in this image is illuminate this translucent jar from behind to give it a glowing type of… Read More

Sometimes I get the idea to try and do something well outside my normal style of photogrpahy. During the holiday season of 2021 I decided to try and do something interesting with lights. Holiday decorations were all about. I decided to see what I could do. Placed lights outside on the ground to illuminate the main subject, the tree. Then I triggered the camera for a 30 second exposure. And I walked… Read More

One of my favorite holiday traditions in our area is the Parade of Lights. This holiday parade features slow moving displays featuring lights. Some displays are people with lights. Other displays in the Parade of Lights are large vehicles adorned with lights. I like to set up where I can watch the parade move down the street right across from me. I bring my tripod and set up with a wide angle… Read More

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Buck was so friendly and loved being around people. He loved to get out in public and meet people and have people pet him. It also seemed like people really gravitated towards him. People always wanted to pet him. To the point where he would draw actual crowds at times during public events. Unfortunately he struggled with mobility issues throughout his life. As he aged a cumulation of… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 359. A nice relaxed holiday just the way I like it. Visited with some family for Christmas morning. Then came home and gave our dogs their presents. Our Bernese Mountain Dog Colton actually tried to open his this year.

One photo a day challenge: Day 358. It’s Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!!

One photo a day challenge: Day 357. I have really loved the amount of experimentation this 365 day photo challenge has inspired in me. I am almost scared to stop at the end of the year because I might lose the motivation to try new things. Todays photo: Large black background photo background. Sparkling Christmas tree decoration. One strand of colored Christmas lights casting light on the tree creating the colored lighting… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 356. Walking around the house thinking about what to photograph. My first idea was to photograph some fresh bought produce that we had just picked up at the grocery store. Maybe an onion. Then I walked by a shelf with a nice Christmas decoration on it. And my mind flipped into a totally different gear. A jar. Frosted glass. Decorated with glitter. Merry Christmas written across… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 353. Every year our family gets together and bakes and decorates Christmas cookies. I always like to capture some of these times on camera. This year I wanted to see if I could capture a view of a bunch of the cookies we decorated. For this project I was going to use my Sony Alpha 6000 with the 20mm lens. This view of a bunch of… Read More

One phot a day challenge: Day 341. Utilized another new piece of gear for my “photo studio”. A large 4 foot by 4 foot black background. Experimented with different lights. Tried different configurations of lights. Moved the lights in different patterns. Moved lights fast. Then slowed the movements down. More lights. Fewer lights. Only moving lights. Then static lights with moving lights streaking across. This last configuration is one of the photos… Read More