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I love doing new things. I take my passions and direct them at something new and off we go. Exploring new places and seeing new things out in nature revitalizes me. My photography provides me a guide to doing that. Having goals and objectives in my photography inspires me to go places I probably would not have gone otherwise. When the opportunity to photograph the Sharp Top 25k/50k arose I was excited… Read More

There are so many different things to love about running. I love having a goal that I am training for, but it is also great to be done training for a specific goal or race. I try to incorporate as much fun into my training as possible but when you are training for a specific goal or event there are certain things you can and probably can’t do. You do certain things… Read More

I usually have a standing rule. No races in the winter. It’s not that I don’t run in the winter I just like to choose the conditions in which I run instead of running in whatever winter throws at me on race day. The one winter race I remember signing up for prior to this year, the weather ended up being so bad that our whole group that was planning to go… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 338. So happy to get out on the Green Monster Trails today. Great fun going with friend from home to meet up with other friends and run some trails. Getting out in nature. Stopping to take a few photos during a day of running. This is what its all about. I haven’t taken many running scenery photos lately. It makes me so happy to capture the… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 310. Photography is always fun. Photography is frequently challenging. But photography is at its best for me when I am doing something new. And often fore me that something new is exploring some new piece of nature. Today was one of those occasions. Last night I opened up one of my Purple Lizard Maps and I searched out new areas to explore. One of the locations… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 257. Today was a very fun and interesting day of photography. I went on a short road trip with my dad to check out some photography subjects. The planned subjects for our photography were the type of subjects I generally do not shoot. It was interesting to make a plan to go out and stretch my creativity and work on some new subject matter. Our goal… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 242. I had a fun adventure today. Today I explored a trail that was new to me. Last year when I set out to explore some nature areas in Pennsylvania using my newly acquired Purple Lizard maps I learned about even more places I wanted to explore at some point. I was exploring the Pine Creek Rail Trail when I learned about the Golden Eagle Trail…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 51. I love nature. Being out in nature is one of the best things I am fortunate enough to experience. There are so many natural places I love. I have favorite places that I visit often. And there are places I don’t get to often enough. There are places I dream of going in far off places. There are also places right in my own back… Read More

I have been working more on my overall fitness of late, but my running has been taking more of a back seat than it has in the past. I probably have not run nearly as much as I have in winters past. Especially considering 2 of the past 4 years I have been training for ultras in the spring. Last year I was training for a half marathon PR. This year I… Read More

Wow! 2020 has been quite the year. Green Monster Trail Challenge I am so happy to have been able to take part in an in person race that was able to take the necessary precaution to make it as safe as possible during this COVID19 pandemic. Thank you Tyoga Running Club. There are not many race that I have run three times. I am happy to call the Green Monster Trail Challenge… Read More

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