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Today is the second day of Spring 2013 and here in my corner of the woods in upstate NY we still have snow in the upper elevations such as where I live. I have been trying to be more active of late. I have been bored with regular exercise routines and wanted to do something that I enjoy more but is still a good workout. I decided I would take that motivation… Read More

In September I decided to do something that I do not usually do photographically. I took a trip to a location for the specific reason of photographing one and only one animal. Normally I like to travel to places that give me a range of options for photographic subjects. I like to travel to places that offer possible mammals, birds, and landscapes. One subject I have always wanted to photograph is Elk…. Read More

Cornell Plantations_Jun262009_0214, originally uploaded by KRNaturalPhoto.

As a wildlife and nature photographer sometimes what you plan to do and what you actually end up doing are two very different things. As a wildlife and nature photographer I am very dependant on two things the weather and the wildlife itself. These two factors can be researched, studied, and planned for but I will never be fully in control of them.

Here are some of yesterdays best photos from my visit to Tioga-Hammond Lakes in PA.

Yesterday was quite a frustrating photographic venture. When you set out to take photographs you are bound to miss a great shot every now and then. Yesterday it felt like I missed every great photo op. I went to the lake and walked around this little path that passed between the lake and a pond. It was pretty overgrown which made it difficult to see anything much around me until I was… Read More

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