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We love to try to grow plants all around our home. The plant we have added to our yard which has grown most strongly has been this flowering cherry tree. I don’t even know how long this tree has been growing outside out house now. It has grown large and it has grown strong. This means every year if nothing else I have an opportunity to try my hand at creating new… Read More

I don’t know if the type of flower that is the subject of this photograph is evident in this image. And maybe that is exactly the point. Getting a nice close up look at a Peony flower blossom dissolves the type of flower we are looking at. It renders it into petals and shapers and textures. Perhaps completely unidentifiable if you are not an expert. Enjoy the image for the beauty, the… Read More

I love these tall stalks of wildflowers that pop up everywhere in the spring. I like trying to isolate a single flower or one cluster of flowers in an image. The flowers are in the process of fully blooming on this cluster of the Dames Rocket. The way the flowers are all a slightly different shade of purple as each individual blossom unfurls and develops. This helps give the photo a little… Read More

Daffodils are good early spring flowers. Often one of the earliest perennial flowers to emerge and bloom. I don’t usually plant Daffodils. At our house we have come by them in a fun and unexpected way. Daffodil bulbs have apparently been dug up and replanted over time by various animals. So it has been fun to discover where these Daffodils should happen to pop up. I think that is one of the… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 153. Lately I have been experimenting with using more artificial lighting in my photography. I have really enjoyed the flexibility the Lume Cube lights I now have in my tool kit have afforded me. I have used these lights to make photographing in low lighting inside the house possible. The lights have also made photographing outside at night possible. And I have used these lights as… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 143. The last several days have been hot. Today there was a quick rainstorm that broke the heat wave. The rains did not last long, but the rain was intense. The flowers got a good watering. I love photographing flowers. But, seldom do flowers look better than after a rainstorm. I love the few tiny and scattered water droplets on the back side of this flower… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 141. Spent some time just sitting in a field again. Sat. Patiently waiting. Studying the tiny flowers. Looking for just the right angle. I don’t actually remember creating this image. But I love how the flower is framed by the blades of grass.

One photo a day challenge: Day 124. Spring continues to progress up here on the hill where we live. Living up at a little bit of elevation has a strange effect on spring for us. When we drive down off our hill we see grass greening, plants sprouting, leaves unfurling and flowers blossoming. We see all these signs of spring happening down in town. But for us up on the hill it… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 103. I get up early every morning so that I will have time to accomplish two things before I have to go to work. Most days I want to get a workout in. And every day I also want to get into my home office and work on photography projects. However, spending the morning in the home office can have a cost. If I am in… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 101. I spent the winter trying to keep some of the flowers I planted in pots last spring and summer alive. It is unclear how many have survived. But there are some that are clearly showing signs of life. Some plants are beginning to grow new stems and leaves. Two plants that are of the same variety seem to be doing particularly well. This Gerbera Daisy… Read More