One Photo A Day | Day 81 | Dark-Eyed Junco

One photo a day challenge: Day 81.

Another beautiful day for bird watching at home. Warm temperatures. Bright sunlight. And Plenty of bird activity.

I started off todays post work day birding with a walk around the yard. I wanted to see if there are any bird happenings that I couldn’t observe from the deck.

Mourning doves were perched high in a tree. The titmice and black-capped chickadees flitted about the grape vines. Red-winged blackbirds had their territories staked out around the pond.

It was also a nice treat to see a few Dark-Eyed Juncos. Usually I see Juncos on the ground. They like to forage for food in the grass or understory. I do not get many opportunities to photograph them up in the tree branches with a nice clean background.

Dark-Eyed Junco. Upstate, New York.

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