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It is so great when a majestic bird lands in a dead tree. The nice open view is so enjoyable. The bright sunlight shining on the side of the Red Tailed Hawk creates such a cool look. The shadows on one side and the bright luminance on the opposite side. It even creates a shadow around the eye. If you love birding and want to get good looks at raptors it could… Read More

Several years ago I went camping with some family at Chenango Valley State Park in New York. It turned out to be a really good spot for birding. And we didn’t even have to leave our campsite. On multiple occasions we were able to watch a group of juvenile Cooper’s Hawks fly around in the forest. This was right near our campsite. It was the prefect viewing opportunity. My dad and I… Read More

This Broad-Winged Hawk showed up and sat vigil on this dead tree. Watching. Waiting. Patient. Never saw the hawk move much. I didn’t see the bird come or go. I am not sure if it ever found its prey. But it was awesome to have an opportunity to simply watch and observe this Broad-Winged Hawk for a good long time. I stood and watched this hawk through a Nikon 300mm f4 lens… Read More

Early on in my photography I was lucky to have some amazing experiences with a bird that isn’t all that common in our area. Especially not common to get to see and photograph so closely. We had a peregrine falcon that would regularly show up in a pretty specific spot. Not only would it be there, but it would hang out and stay there for awhile. It was possible to just stand… Read More

If you see an American Kestrel perched in a tree it is easy to think that is is just another pretty song bird. They are beautiful birds. They had interesting markings along their heads and wings. They have bright orange hues coloring their feathers. They are rather small birds. Easy to mistake for a song bird. But they may just as easy eat a song bird for lunch. American Kestrels are indeed… Read More

One of the most fun things about being a photographer based out of my home town has been to watch the osprey. I am not sure I even knew what an osprey was before I started photographing them. At some point one osprey nesting platform was erected along the river that flowed through town. Eventually osprey began nesting there. Then more nest platforms were constructed. And that drew more nesting pairs of… Read More

Growing up I loved animals. I was very interested in wildlife. But I did not grow up with much exposure to wildlife in any real way in my actual in person experience. I remember being fascinated with animals though. One animal that always interested me was the Bald Eagle. Bald Eagles are simply iconic. They are the bird often seen soaring overhead in movies, despite the sound often played with them often… Read More

I have not had many opportunities to photograph beavers. This was a fun photograph from back in 2010. On this outing I was exploring photography opportunities at Hickories Park in Owego, New York. I spotted this beaver nibbling on a tree branch. I maneuvered myself into a place where I could see the beaver and not disturb them. Watching and photographing from between the trees. The out of focus tree trunks in… Read More

If you have never seen a spotted salamander you should really try to see one. They are phenomenal creatures. Salamanders are usually thought of as tiny little things. But these spotted salamanders are as big as your hand. I was fortunate enough to see these creatures right in my own yard. This image was created in the spring of 2009 during April. The camera body I used when creating this image was… Read More

In this image there is a tiny salamander crawling through some synthetic mulch in our yard. I found this salamander to photograph in the spring of 2017. It was during the month of April. The camera body was Nikon D300S. And the lens I used was a Nikon 60mm macro lens. The camera setting when the shutter button is pressed was ISO 640, 60mm, f/3.2, 1/125 sec. I used Lightroom for post… Read More

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