One Photo A Day | Day 79 | Red-Winged Blackbird

One photo a day challenge: Day 79.

The first day of spring was a beautiful day. Got out for a nice run. Checked a lot of things off the to do list.

I saw that today was supposed to be nice weather. I tried to plan and be prepared. Seemed like it would be a good day to try to photograph some of the early spring birds that have been showing up at our house.

I filled all the variety of bird feeders we have with all the varieties of food we can make available to the birds. We had black oil sunflower seeds, wild bird seed mix, suet cakes in the upside down feeder, round peanut butter suet in the tube feeder, and meal worms.

I spent most of the afternoon outside working in the yard. Watching and listening to the birds around me. I was beginning to get nervous that I was not going to get done with all my work I needed to get done before sunset.

I thought I might miss this nice opportunity to photograph some birds. Fortunately by a little after 6 pm I found myself done with my work and relaxing on my deck watching the birds. Jut an hour before sunset. Nice light and just enough time for some photography.

In the short time I was sitting and watching the birds there were visits from white-breasted nuthatches, black-capped chickadees, dark-eyed juncos, northern cardinals, mourning doves, and this red-winged blackbird.

The blackbird was singing and calling and showing his stuff.

Such a great day to be outside.

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