One Photo A Day | Day 72 | Canada Goose

One photo a da y challenge: Day 72.

Today I was able to get out and take photographs multiple times. I have not done that in quite some time.

Went for a run with some friends early in the morning. I was able to take my camera with me. Photographed a little of the scenery around the Chemung River.

Later I went outside in our yard to play with our dogs. And I made sure to take my camera outside with me. I captured a few images of each of our dogs. That was before I slipped and fell on the only remaining patch of ice in our yard.

In the evening we took our dog Colton for a walk at one of our local parks. I was looking for birds to photograph. Didn’t’ find any there. So after our walk I stropped by a small local pond and photographed the birds there.

Probably even more unusual than the fact that I took photos on three separate occasions is the fact that during each photo session I used a different camera body and lens.

Then the toughest question is deciding which photo session to choose a photo from to share with you all.

Today I wanted to highlight the elegant simple beauty of a bird that is often thought of as ordinary or common or even as a pest.

This Canada Goose was bathing in the pond with beautiful sunlight illuminating the scene. You can see the water running off the gooses head and down it’s back.

Canada Goose

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