Autumn On The Waterfall Trail

The waterfall trail at Rickets Glen State Park is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. It is a place I constantly think of returning to but for some reason or another never seem to make it there. I have maybe been there a handful of times at most.

But this year as part of my commitment to do more fall photography than I have in past years it seemed like the perfect time for a return visit. I have never been here in the fall so it gave me an even stronger incentive to make sure I get there now. I also wanted to make this trip a little different than previous trips other than just it being fall.

Try something new

On previous visits we have parked at the Lake Rose Trailhead parking area. And from there we have taken the first right onto the falls trail. Then proceeded to where the two branches meet and walk down do the last named trail at Murray Reynolds falls. Then trace our steps back to where the trail divides and go up the opposite branch of the falls trail that we have not been on yet. And then we finish the loop connecting back to the car via the Highland Trail.

My initial thought was to simply do the loop in reverse. What I liked about that option was that I would see a different set of falls in the early morning light and other falls in mid day light. Then I had an even better idea.

I have never actually seen the entire trail. Usually stopping where the last named waterfall is. The best way to make sure that I would see the entire trail would be to park at the Evergreen Parking Lot. This way I would have to walk all the way up the trail to get to the named waterfalls. I am really glad I made this decision.

Adams falls

I didn’t know when I made the decision but learned once I looked into it a bit I learned that there is a waterfall just a short walk from the parking lot. Getting to immediately photograph a waterfall after the long drive was the perfect reward. Adams Falls is beautiful.

Adams Falls

Starting here also allowed me to see more of the beautiful stream and take great photos from the bridges you cross as you make your way towards the named waterfalls. I highly recommend taking this route on your next visit to Rickets Glen.

What are your favorite places for waterfall viewing?

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