Unexpected Sighting | Glossy Ibis | Maine

I love taking my camera on the road.

Discovering new sights in new places is one of the best parts of photography.

When I have traveled to Maine the first thing I think about has not been photographing birds.

Finding this Glossy Ibis was completely unexpected.

I never thought of Maine as a bird watching location where I would find large shorebirds and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Glossy Ibis at Scarborough Marsh in Maine.

The Glossy Ibis is also such a cool looking color.

The long curved beak is a feature not seen too often. Ant the coloration of the Glossy Ibis’s plumage is fantastic.

Glossy Ibis

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One Comment on “Unexpected Sighting | Glossy Ibis | Maine

  1. We saw 7 glossy ibis’ in the marsh at Popham Beach today (4/11/2023)

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