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Any day I can get outside is a good day. Even better if I have a chance to create some photographs. Today I managed to get outside three times. First I got outside with our dog River. We went for a nice 3 mile hike on the trails that follow the Chemung River near West Elmira. We took a nice leisurely pace, as River decided that she needed to examine and sniff… Read More

As I get to know this natural world around me….. It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t know that the Pine Creek Rail Trail existed. One end of the trail, what I would call the beginning because it is closer to me than the other end, is only an hour away from where I live. And yet it was unknown to me for most of my life until recent years. So… Read More

Its funny how something you were completely unaware of for along time can become one of your favorite things. Growing up we were a fairly outdoorsy and active family. We went camping and visited some state parks. But it is crazy to realize how much you don’t know that you don’t know regarding the wide variety of outdoor experiences that exist. I didn’t discover that we have this amazing trail system that… Read More

Red Squirrel perched on a tree branch. Small critters in the woods can be a challenge. They tend to move around a lot. You can’t always get close. You need a long lens. There often isn’t a lot of light to have a fast shutter speed. The animals can hide out in shaddows. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome to achieve a decent photograph of woodland creatures. Photo details: Nikon… Read More

Eastern Cottontail Rabbits are one of the most adorable little creatures that can be seen pretty regularly if we spend time out and about. I seem to find Eastern Cottontail Rabbits at the borders of two environments. Particularly where a woodland ends and a field or other grassy area begins. The Eastern Cottontail Rabbits may use the woods for shelter and staying safe from predators. Then they emerge into the grassy fields… Read More

I love it when I get an opportunity to photograph some mammals in the wild. Common Muskrats are cool little creatures. I most often see them swimming in various boddies of water. It definitely seems like you can see a Common Muskrat anyplace there is water. Having the opportunity to see a Common Muskrat on land and photograph it was nice. I love the reflection of the Muskrat in the water. Photo… Read More

My photography generally centers around nature. I usually go out of my way to avoid photographing anything man made in my scenic shots. I have been trying to stretch myself lately. Include some structures in my scenes that fit with the type of work I already am passionate about. This image is well outside my normal photography range. But it is almost on par with the amazing scenes of nature. Standing at… Read More

Daffodils are good early spring flowers. Often one of the earliest perennial flowers to emerge and bloom. I don’t usually plant Daffodils. At our house we have come by them in a fun and unexpected way. Daffodil bulbs have apparently been dug up and replanted over time by various animals. So it has been fun to discover where these Daffodils should happen to pop up. I think that is one of the… Read More

I really love these yellow flowers. They grow wild along edges of environments. Roadsides. Fields and forests. Just about anywhere. The Bird’s-Foot Treefoil usually begin to appear in the early summer. The flowers grow low along the ground. They form this spreading vine like structure. To get macro shots of these flowers I have to get low to the ground. This image is one of the more close up views I have… Read More

I love to look in all the places to find photography subjects. We made a walkway in our yard. We put down a layer of mulch. Then we covered it with large flats slate stones from the stream in our woods. So occasionally I would lift up those large walking path stones. And occasionally there would be something interesting hiding in the mulch underneath. On this occasion I found a tiny little… Read More

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