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My recent trip to the Adirondacks was a making plans and then adjusting on the fly. I like to have a sense of what I want to do on a trip or I tend to feel stuck. I’ll just spend the whole time looking at my guide books and maps trying to figure out what to do and never end up doing anything at all. To avoid getting stuck I like to… Read More

Big fluffy dogs often love being outside in the winter. Snow on the ground. Cold crisp day in March. Nothing better than trotting around the yard and enjoying the day if you are a big fluffy chow mix dog. This is a dog my dad had named Chewing. Such a friendly loving dog. I always enjoy am opportunity to photograph a fury family member. Photo details: Nikon D300. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8. Focal… Read More

Our dog Cami was one of the most photogenic dogs we have had in our home. I love photographing all dogs, but there was something specials about connecting with Cami for a few photo moments. Something indescribable about her presence and her look that just made all the photos beautiful. She had such beautiful eyes. I just loved to focus in on her eyes and leave the rest out of the image…. Read More

We have had a lot of dogs over the years. Some dogs get along better than others. It is so much fun when you have too dogs that love each other, Brynn and Colton are best friends. They play and rough house together. They’ll take turns playing together with their tows. Brynn and Colton even love going to the park together. When you have a pair of dogs that get along so… Read More

I love to go hiking. My hikes often include a camera hanging over my shoulder. One of my favorite places to hike and take photos is at our local natural oasis, Tanglewood Nature Center. There is so much natural beauty to take in there. It is a fun place with a variety of natural scenery and wildlife to take in. I have been fortunate to see so many different things at this… Read More

I love to explore new places. Especially on trails. One exploration project I have undertaken over the years has been to try and explore as much of the Finger Lakes Trail as I can. I would love to see the entire Finger Lakes Trail eventually. And that is my goal. To slowly but surely set foot on every part of the Finger Lakes Trail. I started on the trails nearest where I… Read More

I love doing new things. I take my passions and direct them at something new and off we go. Exploring new places and seeing new things out in nature revitalizes me. My photography provides me a guide to doing that. Having goals and objectives in my photography inspires me to go places I probably would not have gone otherwise. When the opportunity to photograph the Sharp Top 25k/50k arose I was excited… Read More

The Monarch Butterfly might be one of the first butterflies a person would think of in our region. Monarch Butterflies are often found on flowers particularly Milkweed flowers. However, I think I have photographed Monarch Butterflies on non-flower subjects more than any other butterfly I photograph regularly. I really like how this composition turned out. This Monarch Butterfly is featured on a nice and clean background as it sits on a milkweed… Read More

Late summer wildflowers are great photography subjects. A field with a mix of New England Asters and Goldenrod wildflowers. Watching for any subjects to approach the flowers. An American Bumble Bee lands on the New England Aster. Train the lens on the bee as it nestles down on the center of the flower to collect the flowers pollen. I am able to stand back and watch from a good distance for this… Read More

It has been fun to have the opportunity to photograph fireworks from time to time. I have always had fun experimenting with all the different variables you can adjust when photographing fireworks. I have captured a decent amount of good photos, but there is still a lot to learn about photographing fireworks. There is probably even more to learn about making adjustments in post processing to firework photos. This photograph was from… Read More

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