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I love to camp. My favorite places to camp are ones where the campground itself lends itself to photography. Nice scenic locations. Higley Flow State Park worked out really well for me. Most nights I walked down to the lake to photograph the sunset. I like to experiment and try to incorporate different elements into my sunset photography. I was fascinated by this large tree stump and roots along the lake shore…. Read More

I love to photograph flowers and sunsets. Sometimes I try to get creative and find unique ways to combine them. One of my favorite flowers are coneflowers. I bought some and planted them in a pot and kept them on my porch. It worked well for just such an occasion. The sun was setting over the trees. The sky was getting colorful. I placed the flowers up on the railing so I… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 354. For a while we were having a good stretch of beautiful sunset skies. It has not been the case in recent weeks. I can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity to photograph a nice sunset. It doesn’t help that half the time I am not home from work yet as the sun is setting. But I have really been wanting to photograph a… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 271. We arrived home at just the right time. Put the dogs out. Got them fed. Then it was sunset. I wanted to try incorporating some of the flowers from our flower box into the image today. What do you think? Did it turn out ok?

One photo a day challenge: Day 270. Today was a beautiful day. The weather was nice. Mostly sunny. Temp was pretty perfect. Moring strength training routine. Worked the day job. Mowed the lawn. 30 minutes on the bike trainer followed by 30 minutes running. Cooked spaghetti for dinner. Relaxed on the couch watching a Netflix show with my wife. The dog started barking outside at just the right time to cause us… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 266. Today was a mostly rainy day. I didn’t really know what I was going to photograph today. But when I got home from work the skies had cleared. No more rain. The clouds were brightly lit. Seemed like a good day to wait and see how sunset turned out.

One photo a day challenge: Day 251. Sometimes it feels like there is just constant rain. It can be very frustrating at times. It can be a real downer. Today the forecast was for rain once again. But, the storm held off. I got out and got some of the yard mowed. The hard was a lot soggier from previous rains than I had expected. It rained in the late afternoon. It… Read More

One phot a day challenge: Day 235. One hour commute home. Let the dogs out. Feed the dogs. Change clothes. It’s hot. Put on light weight clothes. Get in the car to drive out for a run on the Lackawanna Trail. The trail was in the shade. Watched beautiful clouds. The clouds were taking on beautiful colors. As we were finishing our time on the trail, the sun was setting. Get back… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 218. I went outside hoping for a nice sunset. There were a few clouds in the sky. There was some decent light. I sat in a chair and watched things develop. Trying to see the light. How the light played across the sky. Subtle shades. Subtle textures of clouds. Nothing dramatic. I captured a few images. I added a touch in post processing.

One photo a day challenge: Day 189. I had my eyes on the sky. Watching the clouds move. Shifting and changing shape. Clouds moving here and there. Letting a little bit of light through. The light at just the right angles. Stood outside in the drizzling rain. Watching color meld with clouds. Cloud cover set to glow by faint light. Then more storm clouds slowly rolled in. Smothering the soft colors. Putting… Read More

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