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I am not really a beach goer. Not a fan of beaches really. At least I am not a fan of beaches in the way I think most people think of beaches. When people think of going to the beach for a nice relaxing trip or vacation. Sitting on the beach just lying there soaking in the sun. I think that part of this is just a function of my personality. For… Read More

Acadia National Park in Maine has been one of my favorite places to visit over the years. There are so many beautiful places to explore in this park. Many of the sights are tourist attractions that are visited by large numbers of people. Those spots are great. But one of my favorite places in the park is a small little beachfront where I have seldom seen many people. Little Hunters Beach is… Read More

I like capturing movement in long exposures. Usually that takes the form of water in landscapes. Often its waterfalls. In this photo the ocean is moving along the coast of the beach. Along the edge of the sand the photo shows the soft white that is the motion of the waves crashing on the shore. Through the long exposure of 30 seconds the waves on the shore and across the body of… Read More

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