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Photography has lead me to become more interested in so many things. Parts of life I never really thought about that now I have a little more knowledge of and understanding of because photography guided me there. Butterflies were never more than a passing interest for me before photography. I didn’t know much about them. I still don’t know a lot. The only butterfly I could probably identify would be a Monarch Butterfly. It’s been a while since I focused on them so I am not sure how many I could identify on site these days, but I have at least spent some time looking up information about various species and identifying them.

Colors and wings flapping

I get a little bit more joy out of spring because I have learned that Mourning Cloaks overwinter under tree bark and are often the first butterflies we see in the spring. So, it is always a treat when I first begin to see them in early spring. It reminds me of this little bit of knowledge that I gained.

Hackberry Emperor

Butterflies are most closely associated with flowers and that is always how I thought of them as well. But paying closer attention to them through my photography showed me that it isn’t just about the flowers. I have often seen butterflies on the ground amongst the dirt and rocks. I have seen butterflies enjoying more unsavory aspects of nature. And butterflies can often be seen in the woods flitting from tree trunk to tree trunk.

Little Wood-Satyr

I am not sure if the wide variety of places one might see butterflies will ever replace the splendor of butterflies on flowers, but it is fun to know you can find them all around us. Butterflies on flowers is just a more iconic representation. A beautiful bright flower with a boldly patterned butterfly paying it a visits is exquisite. There isn’t a whole lot that can outcompete the showiness of the brilliant burst of color created by that combination. It is also fun to find a brightly colored flower with a dark black colored butterfly contrasting against it.

However, I still try to find the different ways to portray this common theme. Looking for a combination of flower and butterfly that isn’t something people see or think of often. Instead of a big showy Monarch Butterfly on your favorite garden flower, turn and look for something growing wild that many might consider a weed and find a tiny little butterfly clinging to it. That is the real gold mine image. Something people don’t expect.

Peck’s Skipper

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