Bernese Mountain Dog | Still Getting Around | New York

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Buck was so friendly and loved being around people.

He loved to get out in public and meet people and have people pet him.

It also seemed like people really gravitated towards him. People always wanted to pet him. To the point where he would draw actual crowds at times during public events.

Unfortunately he struggled with mobility issues throughout his life.

As he aged a cumulation of issues made it difficult for him to get around at all.

We knew he loved being around people so we always tried to do what we could do get him out in the public.

We bought a large gardening cart that he could lay in and we could pull him in like a wagon.

Around the holiday season we decorated his card with lights and garland and took him to Sparkle in Corning.

Despite his old age and failing health I think he really had a good time getting out in the community.

Photo details: Nikon D300. Nikon 50mm f/1.8. Focal length 50mm. ISO 2500. 1/250 sec. f/1.8.

Buck at Christmas time

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