You Will Love The Possibilities Presented By Ponds

Ponds are one of my favorite features to find in a landscape. There is so much you can do with a pond photographically. Ponds also do so much for nature, which I find interesting.

We liked the idea of a pond so much that we bought a house with a pond on its property and the pond was a large part of what drew us to our current home.

There is a lot to be found at ponds. Ponds can exist in just about any type of environment imaginable. This lends ponds to be a great place to spend some time no matter what you want to photograph.

Beautiful fall colors at the pond in the woods at Steege Hill Nature Preserve.

Ponds and plants

Ponds are home to all sorts of vegetation. Vegetation gives photographs a variety of different flavors. Plants and flowers that grow along ponds will give photographs a distinct look and texture. And the fact that so much plant life thrives around ponds it can provide a bunch of different looks depending on the time of year. So visit often and document what the pond looks like throughout the year.

If you enjoy photographing wildlife of any variety find a good pond and wait. It’s a good bet that you will find some opportunities to photograph wildlife. All wildlife needs to find water so eventually you will see some wildlife at the pod. Just wait and be patient.

Freezing edge of the pond with trees reflected in water. Eldridge Park, NY.

Not just any wildlife but a wide variety of wildlife. Many birds live around and in wetland ponds. Migrating birds nest in and around ponds. Mammals will stop by to visit the pond for a source of water to drink. Snakes can be found swimming along the waters. And of course amphibians and fish live in the water provided by ponds.

Summer views at Jordan Pond at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Ponds and photography

If you enjoy landscape photography a pond can be one aspect of a larger scenic composition or a pond can be the entire scene. Enjoy scenic views or get up close for photography on a small slice of it. Ponds are a great place to experiment with how landscape features reflect on the water. Don’t forget to return to your scene and see how different a pond looks throughout the year. Fall colors. Dormant vegetation. Frozen over ponds. Spring growth renewing the environment.

Ponds are also a great place to practice some macro photography. Ponds are so rich in diversity and they have so many things going on in the environments that there is always something new popping up. There are always an abundance of small things to get close up to. Think of all the invertebrates that live in a pond environment. There are also a wide variety of other matter found around a pond that one can get up close to and develop a whole new perspective on.

Small pond along the path at Letchworth State Park.

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