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One photo a day challenge: Day 36. I really enjoyed my experimentation with photographing bread recently. It has inspired me to try my hand at photographing more food. I like food and I like photography. It seems like a perfect combination. My goal is to create photographs of food that are more creative. For me creative means macro photography usually. And macro on a level where you might not be able to… Read More

I kicked off the new year by setting some new and ambitious goals/resolutions for January. My goals included health and fitness, art, creativity and work objectives. January Goals

One photo a day challenge: Day 31. Global pandemic lead to quarantine. Everyone being home lead to people finding new things to do with their time. People engaging in activities maybe they thought they never would otherwise. People have been finding new and creative ways to spend their time. New and creative ways to get in touch with themselves. One way people find meaning is through cooking. IT seems there was a… Read More

After years of being a vegetarian I finally made the leap to eating a vegan diet. Being vegan was always the goal anyway. I simply lacked the confidence to go all the way in the beginning and for years after. After being vegetarian for years and not really missing meat I realized that I was really just making excuses for not being vegan. Taking on a vegetarian diet really helped me get… Read More

To Eat Meat or Not Eat Meat: A Meat Eaters Dilemma Over the last several months, I have been having an internal philosophical debate about the concept of eating meat. This is not an issue that I have really given much thought to over the course of my life. Over the past several years, I have read an increasing number of books about how animals experience the world and the humane treatment… Read More

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