Fluffy Dog Trot | Leonberger | New York

The Leonberger is another one of the giant breed dogs that I just adore. I love big dogs for their sheer size, but when you add in that soft fluffy long fur those dogs really have my heart.

Big soft fluffy dogs just make me want to curl up with them and snuggle on the couch.

The Leonberger breed has a similar color pattern across the different individuals I have seen. Dark faces. Then most of the body is shades of brown with shades of darker fur to black mixed in.

This individual almost seems to fade away. The color starting darkest black on the face then getting lighter as it moves towards the tail.

Pure black fur on the face. The black thinning out to allow some brown as it moves away from the face. Then transitioning towards mostly brown with streaks of darker color within it. And then even the brown transitions to a more light shade of brown at the rear.

We once had a dog that had a very similar look to a Leonberger, but was not a Leonberger, and that was such a delight.



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