One Photo A Day | Day 36 | Rainbow Carrots

One photo a day challenge: Day 36.

I really enjoyed my experimentation with photographing bread recently. It has inspired me to try my hand at photographing more food.

I like food and I like photography. It seems like a perfect combination.

My goal is to create photographs of food that are more creative. For me creative means macro photography usually. And macro on a level where you might not be able to tell what kind of food you are looking at or that it even is food.

Recently I just happen to pick up some rainbow carrot chips from the store to eat on sandwiches. I thought the combinations of shapes and texture and colors would help me be able to create some interesting composition.

I selected a series of carrot chips. And I laid them out like if you’d spread a deck of cards out. Each chip stacked slightly on top of the one behind it.

The carrot chips were three varieties of colors. I alternated each color in the row to try and create some sort of interesting pattern.

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