New Month New Goals?

I kicked off the new year by setting some new and ambitious goals/resolutions for January. My goals included health and fitness, art, creativity and work objectives.

Our dog Colton is loving todays winter storm.

January Goals

  • My fitness goal was to complete at least 30 minutes of movement every day in January. This goal built on my love of running and branched out to include a lot of cycling and even a month long yoga practice for each day.
  • My health related goals centered around what I put into my body. I wanted to refrain from eating junk food or any take out or restaurant food for the month of January. I also decided to do a version of Dry January. The goal being to not drink any beer at home. This ended up being no beer at all, which was as I suspected it would be. I succeeded with both of these goals.
  • My art, creativity, and work goals were all intertwined in one project. I wanted to take at least one photograph every day of the month of January with a camera other than my cell phone. Then I wanted to select a photo from those taken that day and write a blog post and share it. One blog post sharing one newly taken photograph every day of the month. This was a huge change from my more sporadic blogging style over the years. It really helped me build consistency and despite the resistance at times was very fulfilling to complete.

I was very happy to have been able to successfully complete all of these goals.

Colton covered in snow. He sat outside and watched me shovel. Wouldn’t go in the house.

New Goals

My goals for the month of February are going to remain much of the same. The only difference may be that I use the momentum from January to build on what I have already accomplished.

  • I succeeded in avoiding unhealthy food and beer in January and I think that I can do it again in February. Craving and temptations for junk food weren’t too difficult to overcome during January with my sights set on the long term goal. But I don’t want to create a situation where I feel like I am depriving myself and set myself up for failure. So I am going to allow for today to be a day where I am allowed to eat junk food and then I will allow for one Restaurant meal. After that I will be back on the avoid junk food and avoid beer goal for February.
  • For my fitness goal I am going to continue to strive for a minimum of 30 minutes of movement every day in the month of February. And I am going to add to that goal. Inspired by my Picky Bar Ambadassador group the goal is to choose one day a week and on that day of the week perform the same workout each day. But each week attempt to do the workout better than the previous week. My workout is going to be strength training for my legs. I will add more reps to the workout each subsequent week.
  • Saving the best for last. My art, creativity, and work goal is going to be to continue taking and sharing one photo every day. Keep the streak going through February. On top of that I am going to build out a schedule to share photographs of my past work as well. In the past my photography work on my blog has consisted mostly of long posts of many many words and a lot of photos frequently focused on something specific I am involved in. And I love those posts, but they are harder to generate. So I am shifting to shorter posts focused more closely on my photography. This will allow me to create and share more frequently here on my blog. There will still be longer posts but the will be intermingled with the shorter more frequent posts. I hope you all enjoy this change.

One thing I want to do is use my blog to share more of my photography. I want to share both old and new photos with everyone. So I hope you like photography, because you are about to get a lot of it. Subscribe in WordPress or Join below for emails so you don’t miss out on any of the work I share.

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