One Photo A Day | Day 31 | Bread

One photo a day challenge: Day 31.

Global pandemic lead to quarantine. Everyone being home lead to people finding new things to do with their time. People engaging in activities maybe they thought they never would otherwise.

People have been finding new and creative ways to spend their time. New and creative ways to get in touch with themselves.

One way people find meaning is through cooking. IT seems there was a renaissance in one particular form of cooking during these quarantine times. Baking bread at home is having a resurgence.

I don’t really like to cook, especially baking, but I do love bread.

Inspired by all the images online and my friends’ beautiful and delicious bread that I had enjoyed pre pandemic I finally deiced to try my hand at making my own bread.

Home made bread.

This Time’s A Charm

This is my third loaf of bread. My first one was pretty good. My second attempt was kind of a mess. This one came out ok.

I was impatient and chose all the shortest time frames for letting the dough rise before cooking so I could make it all in one day. It didn’t go exactly as I planned. But I did have a fresh loaf of bread for lunch the next day.

I decided that I would end this month by photographing something very different as a subject. Only very rarely have I photographed food with my main cameras. I chose bread for todays subject.

Bread is a very interesting subject for a photographer like mw who likes texture and likes to use a shallow depth of field. There are so many textures and shapes to play with and isolate in different ways across a single loaf of bread.

I think I may try this experiment again some time.

This is the last day of the month for my month long one photo a day photo challenge.

So this is it. Or is it?

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