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Always fun to explore scenic areas of Maine. There is so much going on in this photo. Maybe too much. Green trees and the lighthouse in one corner. Blue skies and ocean opposing that. And Rocky landscape across the rest. One aspect that I really think is cool in this photo is the people exploring the landscape. The photo features three people and they are all standing looking out over the landscape… Read More

I love the look of this almost completely white tiny little butterfly contrasted against a green leaf. This is also a fairly unique photo for me at least in a certain aspect. I was able to create this photo using a 60mm macro lens. That means that I had to get really up close to this little butterfly to make it appear this large in the frame. Most of my butterfly photos… Read More

I love taking my camera on the road. Discovering new sights in new places is one of the best parts of photography. When I have traveled to Maine the first thing I think about has not been photographing birds. Finding this Glossy Ibis was completely unexpected. I never thought of Maine as a bird watching location where I would find large shorebirds and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Glossy Ibis… Read More

There are a wide variety of gull species throughout the world. It is always cool to see what could be called the most impressive species of gull. The Great Black-Backed Gull is the largest gull in the world. I have been fortunate enough to see Great Black-Backed Gulls from time to time. And I have seen Great Black-Backed Gulls in different locations. It is even more enjoyable to see an impressive bird… Read More

A Common Eider is a large duck that lives at sea. I do not live near the ocean. Therefore seeing a Common Eider was one of the many fun features of one of our vacations. We enjoy going places where we can explore nature. One of those places is Acadia National Park in Maine. There are so many amazing natural features to enjoy in Acadia. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see too… Read More

We visited this place 10 years ago and fell in love with it. We normally like to go on trips to places that we have never been to before to explore something totally new, but this year we finally made a return trip to one of our favorite places. We went back to Mt. Desert Island. On our last trip here we had so much fun but there is so much to… Read More

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