One Photo A Day | Day 86 | Bluebird Pair

One photo a day challenge: Day 86.

Today was another great day to sit outside at home and watch the birds in the evening.

Recently I noticed the arrival of Eastern Bluebirds to our yard. The Eastern Bluebirds have been checking out the Purple Martin house in our yard as they search for a nest site. The martin house usually ends up occupied by Tree Swallows, but some day I hope to actually attract Purple Martins.

I have regularly had Eastern Bluebirds nest in nest boxes in my yard. Almost always in the same nest box each year. But last year the dead tree the box was on finally fell over.

I bought a new bluebird house, but I have not gotten it put up yet. I really need to get it put up soon now that the bluebirds are here looking to nest. My goal is to put it up somewhere near the location of the nest box that was always successful in the past.

This pair, male and female Eastern Bluebirds, was exploring the yard today. They were in the nearby oak tree. The birds moved back and forth from the trees to the Purple Martin House surveying the area together.

Male and Female Eastern Bluebird in Upstate, New York.

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