Acadia National Park Is Magnetic And Keeps Drawing Me Back

Acadia National Park is one of my favorite places to visit. There is so much to see and do there. I don’t often travel to the same place multiple times, because I like to explore as much brand new scenery and have as many brand new experiences as I can. But there is just something about Acadia National Park that draws me back.

Part of what draws me to Acadia National Park is that it is so different than where I live. It is an island along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Maine. I live in the center of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. No ocean to be seen.

Jumping into the ocean. Acadia National Park.

I am not what I think of as your typical ocean lover. People love beaches and relaxing in the sun or swimming and surfing. I am not a beach persona and I rarely even get in the water. Most of the coastline at Acadia National Park is rugged rocky outcroppings where waves smash the shoreline. I enjoy this distinct scenery. Every spur of jagged rock encroaching into the ocean creates a different view and a different interaction with the ocean itself. There is a beach and it is beautiful, but it is not the reason I go to Acadia.

Visiting an ocean environment provides the opportunity to photograph the varying interactions of the tides and waves with the shoreline. Large waves crashing on sharp rocks or gentle tides gently washing over pebbles and stones. It can all be a matter of location or time of day or weather and you can experience it all.

Panoramic view near Thunder Hole at Acadia National Park.

Photographing the sights

If you love to create wide angle or panoramic images or just enjoy those views in person then Acadia National Park is a great place for you. It seems everyplace you visit there has where you can just look out over the ocean and surrounding landscape for nearly 360 degrees. The diverse look of the surrounding landscape combining with the ocean and shoreline give every view a distinct look that just keeps your eyes wide and your heart swelling with awe.

Long exposure of waves crashing on the shore of Little Hunters Beach in Acadia National Park.

There are even small mountains to climb. These overlooks provide an excellent view of the ocean and the landscape below. Find a spot you like. Frame up an image with a bit of sky, a smattering of ocean. Bring some of the coastline and surrounding landscape into the image and try to include a bit of the foreground if you can. Too many opportunities to create beautiful photographs. You almost can’t go wrong.

Get out there and explore this park if you haven’t been there yet. And if you have go back and explore it more. There is so much to see there. I need to get back there soon myself.

Enjoying the view from Gorham Mountain at Acadia National Park.

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