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It is always a wild ride here. We have had as many of 7 dogs living in our house together. It is not always harmonious. Sometimes it is chaotic. But, over the last several years our family of dogs living with us has been shrinking. We were down to only two dogs living with us. We haven’t had only two dogs since my wife and I first started living together. As our… Read More

My wife and I have always loved dogs. Our mutual love of dogs is part of what we love about each other. And as dog lovers often do we can become attached to one breed of dog or another for unexplainable reasons. My wife knew that I secretly or maybe not to secretly always wanted a Siberian Husky. They are beautiful and amazing dogs. And one day my wife surprised me by… Read More

In our house we love dogs. My wife tries to proclaim she likes cats better, but I am not sure I believe her. We are or at least I am a dog person through and through. We have been fortunate to bring so many different dogs into our home over the years. Some dogs came to us as puppies and lived with us until old age. Other dogs came to us later… Read More

So many different things in my life have had a bigger impact on me than I could have ever imagined. There was a time in my life when I don’t think I even knew that animal shelters were even a thing. Then over the course of my life my wife began volunteering at an animal shelter, then began working at the same animal shelter, then I began volunteering at the animal shelter…. Read More

I love supporting our local animal shelter. Fortunately we live in a community that supports them as well. One of the great things we get to do is attend local events that our shelter holds to raise awareness for the shelter pets. I am always happy to see people out with their dogs and it is even more meaningful when they are there to show support for our local shelter. Photo details:… Read More

In my work with shelter dogs I mostly worked with out local shelter. But on a few occasions I was able to go out and volunteer my time at a shelter a little farther away. I had a fun time meeting new dogs, playing, and taking photos. There is always a good time to be had meeting new dogs. Apollo really enjoyed playing with this dog toy. There was a nice big… Read More

For 8 years I volunteered at our local SPCA photographing dogs there so that they would have high quality photos to publish online. Having good photographs of shelter dogs helps them find homes quicker. Photos of happy dogs having fun show the dogs true personality and how that will manifest once they are out of the shelter. I had so much fun helping dogs in this way. I really miss doing this…. Read More

Sierra was our longest lived dog. She was the first dog. The dog that started it all for us. Such a mild mannered dog. She was like the peace keeper in the house. Any time dogs or cats for that matter got out of hand she would step in and stop it. She was a constant presence. A shadow. Moving silently with us as we conducted our daily lives. I love this… Read More

Shadow came to us as a foster dog. She was such a sweat and gentle dog. I love the time we had with her before she found her new home. This photo of Shadow outside in our yard really highlights her gentle and calm nature. Photo details: Nikon D300S. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/500 sec. f/5.6. Thank you for stopping by the blog today. If you log dogs… Read More

We didn’t have Sammy for long at all. But he packed a lot of love into that short time. Sammy loved us so much. He did manage to put together some adventures during our short time. Sammy even got to go camping. We explored the woods at Letchworth State Park together. Photo details: Nikon 1 J4. 1 Nikon VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6. Focal length 10mm. ISO 400. 1/200 sec. f/3.5. Thank you for… Read More

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