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Different times of the year over a variety of different things to enjoy in nature. One of the most distinct times of year is the transition from Winter to Fall in the northern hemisphere. Especially the farther north you live. Here in New York there is so much that I look forward to. Spring in New York is a time of change. Nature begins to reclaim the earth in ways that shriveled… Read More

Yesterday was a fun day. We ended up goin gout for an impromptu birdwatching trip up to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was abuzz with bird song of every variety. The fast moving tiny warblers were among the birds singing. It is often easier to hear them than to see them. Especially seeing them well enough for a good look and photographs. On today’s visit the Yellow Warblers were all over…. Read More

I have had a really fun time doing some bird watching and photography at Eldridge Park so far this year. Osprey It is always fun to note the return of Osprey to our northern part of the Untied States. One of the best places for that is at one of our local parks right in town in Elmira. I love to go to Eldridge Park this time of year. It is a… Read More

Least Tern flying through the sky. Trees as background. When I visited Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge I was fortunate to find quite a large population of Least Terns in the area. Many of the Least Terns were hanging out on a dock. Periodically a Least Tern would take flight. Then I had to try and catch these swift birds in flight. The fact that there were several birds and they each… Read More

Montezum National Wildlife Refuge is a treasure trove of bird watrching opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to see so many birds there including this Common Tern. Birds can be found all over at Montezuma. On the ground, in the foliage, in the water, or flying through the sky as this Common Tern is. It is fun to watch the Common Tern search the water from overhead. Having opportunities to watch the… Read More

Myers Park, Lansing, New York. Cayuga Lake. Finger Lakes. In flight. Over the lake. A Caspian Tern. Circling. The Caspian Tern approaches for a landing. Among a flock of fellow birds made up of gulls and other terns this one Caspian Tern stood out making itself known.

Early spring is also a great time to see shorebirds like the Spotted Sandpiper. Watch for these small shorebirds along the edges of water at your local parks and rivers. The Spotted Sandpiper will search the edges of local ponds, lakes, and rivers looking for food. Our local parks have always ben a goldmine for my birdwatching and photogrpahy. This Spotted Sandpiper standing up on a piece of wood along the edge… Read More

Tiny shorebirds like the Solitary Sandpiper can be difficult to photograph. Most obviously they are small. So it can be difficult just to even see them. Just try to be aware of movement in your field of view. Due to how small the Solitary Sandpiper is it can be close enough for a good photo. They move around a fair bit and can be easily spooked. Sometimes the simple facts of the… Read More

I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph Hooded Mergansers as often as I would like. The Hooded Merganser is a cool bird with an interesting hood of feathers atop its head visible in different ways in both male and female birds. While out walking along one of the Finger Lakes in New York I spotted a small flock of Hooded Mergansers. This small flock of Hooded Mergansers swam around near the lake… Read More

I love photographing birds in flight. However, it isn’t very often I am able to capture beautiful scenery in the background as well. Often it is a bird against a blue sky. Common Mergansers do spend some time at one of our local parks. While the Common Mergansers often spend most of their time swimming and diving in the lake there occasionally they do take flight. Luckily the way it usually works… Read More

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