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Watkins Glen State Park is a beautiful location. Maybe one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. The park is beautiful all around. And I am fortunate to live right nearby. The beauty of the park is almost overwhelming. There are parts of the park where the beauty is more concentrated. The beauty of the park takes on a spectacular quality. As in the beauty becomes dramatic and eye… Read More

So much of what I love in life has come through the intertwining of various passions I have in my life. Growing up with a love of nature. Discovering a love for photography, quite by accident. Trying to regain some level of fitness an shockingly developing a love for running. One thing that I love feeds into another thing that I love which in turn enhances another aspect of my life. This… Read More

Waterfalls are always nice subjects for photography. It is even more interesting when you can photograph them in different ways. One way to see waterfalls in a different form is to go see them during the colder months if you can. Watching how waterfalls transform as they begin to freeze when temperatures drop is so interesting. There are opportunities to capture all sorts of unique images. The water flow changes and ice… Read More

I love exploring landscapes. The Adirondack Mountain region of New York is a great place to do that. This is a photo from Buttermilk Falls. I like this image because the actual falls of Buttermilk Falls plays a minor role in the composition. Working my way through the landscape to show the flow of water away from the falls and through the woods. The waterfall itself is only visible among the trees… Read More

My afternoon adventure on my first full day in the Adirondacks turned into an evening adventure because I took a nap in my hammock at camp for longer than I had expected. By the time I convinced myself to get out of camp It was getting to be early evening hours. I enjoy photographing waterfalls. I have a guidebook to waterfalls in the Adirondack region. In the past I have focused on… Read More

I have been working towards photographing the 200 waterfalls in this book that I have. Today I was able to make it to a few more. I went to the village of Honeoye Falls in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The first subject I wanted to photograph there was the waterfall, Honeoye Falls. I wanted to share a before and after photo series here. The image straight out of the… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 324. Today I set out in the morning to photograph some waterfalls. And I set out to do it differently than I normally do. Normally when I photograph waterfalls my primary setup is my big DSLR on a big tripod. Then maybe I have another camera to capture different angles. And the main lens I use for waterfalls is an 18-200mm zoom. That gives me all… Read More

I always enjoy time spent exploring the Adirondack region. Usually when I visit the Adirondacks that means I am going to spend a lot of time out hiking. Hopefully climbing some mountains. Circling trails around lakes. Or visiting other beautiful scenery on foot. This year out adventures were a little bit different. We went camping as usual. Camping in the Adirondacks is hard to beat. But instead of our campsite being home… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 315. I love living where I do. If you are not finding ways to enjoy the place you live you are truly missing out. Living in New York on the border of Pennsylvania is the best of both worlds. So many amazing natural areas to explore. Today we went out for a drive and visited a couple of new to me waterfalls. This is Old Dam… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 310. Photography is always fun. Photography is frequently challenging. But photography is at its best for me when I am doing something new. And often fore me that something new is exploring some new piece of nature. Today was one of those occasions. Last night I opened up one of my Purple Lizard Maps and I searched out new areas to explore. One of the locations… Read More

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