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My recent trip to the Adirondacks was a making plans and then adjusting on the fly. I like to have a sense of what I want to do on a trip or I tend to feel stuck. I’ll just spend the whole time looking at my guide books and maps trying to figure out what to do and never end up doing anything at all.

To avoid getting stuck I like to write down at least one activity in the morning and one activity in the afternoon that I want to do. Then I know I have at least two things I know I can do without having to consult my books and maps too much. This just gets me up and out the door or out of the campsite as it were.

Best laid plans

I set out in the morning for a hike. As I was driving to the location I planned to hike I found out that reservations were required for this particular location. I knew that this was possible for some locations but my guide book did not indicate that this was one such location. And I did not have a reservation.

I tried not to get too frustrated. This setback was not going to ruin my day. I found a spot to pull over. I got out my guide book and started flipping through it to find a hike in the area near where I already was. And find one I did.

Cobble Ledge: Adirondacks

Cobble Ledge

Cobble Ledge, here we come. The guide book indicated that this would be about a 1 mile hike out to an exposed ledge with nice views of the mountains. The hike was relatively flat and easy. Just what I needed after a frustrating start to the morning.

The view from Cobble Ledge was really beautiful. I tried to soak it in for as long as I could. I took several photographs from different angles and with different compositions. But in the end there isn’t a whole lot of space to move around out on the ledge. It is just a small spot as ledge would indicate.

I quickly became antsy and ready to get on the move again. I headed back to the trailhead. Enjoyed the nice hike back. Round trip the hiking was about 2.5 miles. Off to the next adventure.

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